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Mobile Team Pages, Mobile Email Templates and more

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The LeagueApps team is happy to announce our latest release.  The release will start to go out late on the night of Tuesday December 16th and will be fully live the following morning.  Below is an overview of the newest features.

Mobile Team Pages +

Early in the year we released Mobile Registration.  In this release, your entire public LeagueApps website is mobile optimized.   Now your participants will have an easier time viewing their schedules and standings while on the go. Managing teams, inviting players, messaging teammates and more is now 100% mobile optimized for coaches, parents and players.

Mobile Optimized Email Templates

Our automatic and system generated emails have received a face-lift.  They now display with a simple, elegant and mobile optimized templates.  Research has shown that almost  50% of emails are first opened on a mobile device.   These emails –  including the new user welcome , registration confirmation, invoice receipt, player invitation, game change notification emails are now looking better than ever on both mobile and desktop.

Image Uploader Enhancements

The image upload feature for content pages has a few key usability updates to make uploading and selecting your images much easier. The preview window will now resize your images as thumbnails and place the most recently added images at the top of the list for easy browsing.

Direct Text Message Opt In

In our last release, we added the ability to collect cell phone numbers inline, during registration, and before you turned on the Text Messaging App.  Now once you turn on the app, you can send your own customized welcome and opt in message to those players you already received numbers from.  Participants can opt in directly from their phone by replying with the keyword ‘Yes’.

Infrastructure Improvements + API Development

Our engineers are constantly making improvements to our systems and infrastructure to make sure that LeagueApps runs quickly and efficiently for both league administrators and players.   We are also working on developing an API (or ‘Application Program Interface’) –  which will make it easier to integrate LeagueApps with other software products.  If you are interested in learning more about our API please contact us.


LeagueApps is Hiring: Lead UI Designer/Developer

Company News, LeagueApps Team, Press, Product News

We’re hiring. In fact, we’re hiring for one of the most important positions in the company – the Lead UI Designer/Developer.

This position is an amazing opportunity for the right person. We’re looking for an ambitious designer to drive design and UI for LeagueApps.

Here are the top six reasons why this position rocks:

Reason #1: Great Design is Essential to Having a Successful Platform

“Design is the fundamental soul of a human-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layers of the product or service.”

No less of an authority than Steve Jobs pointed this out.

We definitely share this sentiment. That’s why we’ll value your design talents and contributions so much!

Reason #2: We are Going to Change the World of Sports

LeagueApps vision is to deliver amazing sports experiences for anyone playing sports anywhere.  We do this by powering local sports communities, helping sports organizations better operate, grow and monetize, and players better experience sports.  We are creating and building products to support these goals everyday.

Reason #3: Leading UI for an Already Awesome Products is Just… AWESOME!

We have some awesome products that are launched and growing.  Plus we are working on brand new products. You’ll take the lead role in shaping the future UI for these great products. What self-motivated ambitious designer wouldn’t love this!?

Reason #4: Social and Mobile Have Arrived!

We’re already building some great products on the web. We’ve started executing our plans for social and Mobile products, and are committed to moving full steam ahead with these initiatives.

You’ll be the fearless leader driving UI for our social and mobile offerings. What an amazing opportunity to stretch out your creative cravings!

Reason #5: UX Matters a LOT More Than People Realize

Put two products with similar features side-by-side, and the one with better UX will always win. People naturally want to use software that is easier to use and less mentally taxing. Software with superior UX can even be considered “fun” to use.

We emphasize strong UX in our products. We like this. Taking a lead role in crafting UX will be a rewarding experience!

Reason #6: You Get to Think About Sports All Day

You know that amazing feeling you get when you score that goal, hit the home run, or get a personal best time in a marathon? Or the fun you have when you’re playing some kind of sports with friends? Or the pride you get when watching your child on the field?
That feeling will be prolonged and enhanced by technology. And you get to think about that all day long…in an environment of people who share your passion. It doesn’t get better than that.

So, it follows that – building great products that make playing sports more fun – is itself going to be incredibly fun!


If you’re a passionate UI Designer/Developer and the highlight of your day is a sports highlight, check out our job posting here: Lead UI Designer/Developer. And if you know of friends who are designers, do them a favor and share this post!



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