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A LeagueApps Farewell To Jeff Maier

Company News, Press

After two fun, adventurous and exciting years Jeff Maier is moving on from LeagueApps and taking the next step in his career. Jeff has been instrumental in the growth of LeagueApps over the last few years and has helped develop and define a strategy for how LeagueApps can introduce its software platform to sports organizations. Jeff formed impactful partnerships with over 100 LeagueApps partners and developed strong relationships with SSIA Members, Adult Baseball leagues and NAGAA and LGBT sports organizations. He certainly lived up to his lofty expectations when he first joined the LeagueApps team.

Most importantly, Jeff brought tremendous energy and passion to his role every day and has had a profound effect on our team and company culture. He was and is a Difference Maker (and that goes above and beyond the 1996 Playoffs!). Even though Jeff worked remotely he was a big presence in the office and in the organization every single day. While he will definitely be missed, our hunch is that he’ll never be all that far away from LeagueApps.

Feel free to reach out to Jeff to wish him well. Please contact Brian, Asaf or anyone on the LeagueApps team if you have questions, need help or support.

We dug deep into the LeagueApps archives to find this photo of Jeff on the Volleyball court! This picture really makes him out to be larger than life!

Improvements to Reporting Tools, Registration, and Mobile App

Company News, Product News, Release Notes

We pushed out another release for 2013. This one includes a number of enhancements to the reporting tools, registration system, and some important improvements in the mobile app. This release is an example of our continued commitment to improving quality and incorporating partner feedback into updates.

Here’s a summary:

Reporting Tools

We made some specific improvements to the reporting tools, aimed at helping our partners manage their programs and members more effectively.

  • The date filtering criteria on Registration and Transactions reports now allows you to search back 3 years and include up to a year’s worth of data in the query.
  • You can now search members via custom profile field values. This allows you to create special custom fields which can be used as a way to track and search your members.
  • We added a few new information fields into the reporting views, such as ‘Date Joined’ on the Members listing view.
  • Account level invoices can now be searched by invoice number, and extracted as a CSV for purposes of importing into external tools such as Excel.
  • We also made a number of other tweaks to improve the accuracy of the reporting tools.

Registration Updates

We also made the following improvements to the registration system, related to the use of discount codes:

  • Discount codes expiration date now takes the site timezone into account. This means that discount codes with a specified expiration date will expire at midnight on the date of the expiration — in the specified timezone of that site.
  • Captain Unpaid Fees Reassignment. This improvement applies to cases when registration settings specify to have team payments shared among players and any unpaid player amounts are assigned back to the captain after a period of time. This rule was changed so that any discounts that had been applied to invoices of any players are preserved when these unpaid invoices are reassigned to the captain. The basic rule of thumb is that once a discount code is applied, it will be preserved.

Mobile Fixes

We made a few changes and resolved some reported issues to the mobile app. With these updates, the mobile app will serve the needs of our partner much better.

  • Removed the automatic redirection so that when members follow links on their mobile phones, they are not “forced” to the mobile app unless they explicitly decide to use it.
  • Resolved a reported issue with team messaging on mobile. Now, team messaging is properly sending emails when it should.
  • Added a warning message for members who have “private browsing” enabled. This notifies these users that they need to adjust their phone’s browser settings in order to use the app properly. This issue was reported mostly among a limited number of iPhone users, and would prevent usage of the app for a small number of users with this setting turned on.
  • Enhanced the “View Full Site” button on the mobile app login screen. This makes it much more clear to members that they have the option to visit the full site if they are on the mobile app.
  • We made sure that schedule views in the mobile app are properly showing any ‘game notes’ as well as ‘schedule notes’ on the full program schedule view.

If you have any questions about about of these updates, please let us know.

G’Day! LeagueApps Offers Online Registration For Australian Sports Organizations

Company News, Press

G’Day Mate! LeagueApps is excited to announce that we are now able to partner with Australian sports organizations for registration and payment processing. Our friends over at Stripe recently expanded to the Australian market clearing the path for LeagueApps. A few tweaks to the LeagueApps platform and we’re now all set to offer all of our payment and registration services to Australian organizations.

If you manage a Australian sports organization and want to accept payments in Australian dollars, we’re your new team-mate!

It’s simple to get started. Here are the steps to get setup:

(1) Create a Stripe account. Since Stripe Australia is still in beta you will need to request an account here. Be sure you are cool with Stripe pricing.

(2) Create or log into your LeagueApps Account.

(3) Go to the Manage Account section of the LeagueApps Admin console and under Payment Gateway select Stripe account. Be sure to be logged into your Stripe account in the very same browser as LeagueApps to automatically connect your account.Here is a help article explaining the Stripe setup process.

Note that member payments will be processed in Australian Dollars (AUD).

LeagueApps is eager to launch our initial Australian partners this month! We’ve been learning how much Aussies love their sports so it will be exciting to jump into the worlds of Aussie Rules Football, Cricket, Rugby, Basketball and even Netball!

So do let us know if you’re located down under and are interested to use LeagueApps. Cheers!

LeagueApps Partner Night – Start the New Year Off Right with Us!

Company News, Press, Value of LeagueApps

Looking back at the year in LeagueApps, one of our proudest moments was launching our Partner Day series over the summer. We have held 3 Partner Days and hosted over 30 partners to date — 2 in NYC and 1 in DC (read more about Partner Days #1, #2, #3). We thought the time was right to host our 1st-ever Partner Night here in NYC to jumpstart the new year!

RSVP here if you can make it to Partner Night.

A few FAQ’s to give you the full low-down about Partner Day…



Wed. January 8, 2014. 5:30-8:30pm


In our NYC office in Midtown Manhattan (Full address and Google Maps here).

How will Partner Night be different from previous Partner Days?

Partner Night will be a more casual version of previous Partner Days. We plan on holding a less structured agenda, with less formal presentations. This will allow for more opportunities to socialize, network with other league partners, and let loose a bit.

What’s on the agenda:

  • Welcome by CEO Brian Litvack and the LeagueApps Team
  • League Partner introductions
  • Food/drinks and lots of networking!
  • Raffles with different prizes!
  • Live webcams throughout for league partners that couldn’t make it!

What’s in it for ME?

  • Chance to meet our team and visit our NYC office
  • Connect with other like-minded league partners
  • Unwind after a long day and have some fun
  • Celebrate the holidays and the year ahead with LeagueApps
  • Prizes!

Do I need to bring anything?

Nope. Just your appetite and a t-shirt for our infamous Wall of fame.

Sounds awesome. Where do I signup?

<<< RSVP here. >>>

I can’t make Partner Night. Where can get more info about upcoming Partner Days I might be interested in?

Follow the blog, look out for announcements in our newsletter, or just ask us!

Also, feel free to RSVP here if you’d like to join the guest-list for one of our upcoming Partner Days in early 2014.


Give us a shout if you have any questions about Partner Night in NYC, or our upcoming Partner Day Schedule. We look forward to it and hope you can join us!



Enhancements to Registration Process, Waitlist, Strict Payment Settings

Feature Highlight, Product News, Release Notes

We’re committed to continually improving the quality and user friendliness of the platform. It’s our goal to provide the best possible online experience for sports organizers as well as participants. We receive a lot of great feedback from our partners, and we take that feedback to heart as we plan out and make new product updates.

In our latest release, we made a few notable improvements to the registration flow. These improvements were designed to make the registration process much simpler for participants. These updates are outlined here:

Wait-list Improvements

We made some changes regarding the messages displayed to participants who are being placed into the wait-list. We received feedback that some participants were not realizing that they were in fact being placed onto the wait-list when they were. The new updates display bold and clear messages that indicate to the participant that they are being added to the wait-list, and that they are on the wait-list if they already registered. This should help eliminate confusion among players who sometimes unknowingly get wait-listed when thinking they actually have a reserved spot. To learn more about the Wait-list feature, check out our help doc »

Strict Payment Deadline Improvements

We added bold new messages that clearly tell participants when they are required to pay NOW in order to actually confirm their registration. We also tweaked the registration confirmation email message so that it is sent AFTER the registration payment step has occurred. These changes will help ensure that participants clearly know to follow through and complete payment at the time they register, thus eliminating the potential issues of participants accidentally forgetting to pay and inadvertently losing their spot. To learn more about using the Strict Payment Deadline settings, read our help doc about Registration Options.

Streamlined Registration User Interface (UI)

We made a number of improvements to the design and forms in the registration flow. It’s now simpler for participants to step through the process, catch form errors, and know exactly what they need to do next. As an example, check out the screenshot of the new and improved payment page below.

Additional Updates and New Help Docs

We also reviewed a couple key features, and updated our help documents for these. These should be helpful in getting you up to speed on using these.

Admin Roles Access Guide
We cleaned up all the administrator roles, and updated a new help doc to clearly explain what each role does and does not have access to. Check it out »

Managing Program Staff
We created a new help doc that outlines how you can use this feature to setup, assign and manage your program staff. Read more »

As always, let us know if you have any questions or comments about this update!


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