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Five Reasons Why Our UI Designer Position Rocks!

Company News, LeagueApps Team, Press, Product News

We’re hiring. In fact, we’re hiring for one of the most important positions in the company – the UI/UX Lead Designer.

This position is an amazing opportunity for the right person. We’re looking for an ambitious designer to drive design and UI for LeagueApps

Here are five reasons why this position rocks:

Reason #1: Great Design is Essential to Success on the Web

“Design is the fundamental soul of a human-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layers of the product or service.””

No less of an authority than Steve Jobs pointed this out.

We definitely share this sentiment. That’s why we’ll value your design talents and contributions so much!

Reason #2: Leading UI for an Already Awesome Products is Just… AWESOME!

We have some awesome products that are launched and growing. You’ll take the lead role in shaping the future UI for these great products. What self-motivated ambitious designer wouldn’t love this!?

Reason #3: You Get to Think About Sports All Day

You know that amazing feeling you get when you score that goal, hit the home run, or get a personal best time in a marathon? Or the fun you have when you’re playing some kind of sports with friends? Or the pride you get when watching your child on the field?
That feeling will be prolonged and enhanced by technology. And you get to think about that all day long…in an environment of people who share your passion. It doesn’t get better than that.

So, it follows that – building great products that make playing sports more fun – is itself going to be incredibly fun!

Reason #4: UX Matters a LOT More Than People Realize

Put two products with similar features side-by-side, and the one with better UX will always win. People naturally want to use software that is easier to use and less mentally taxing. Software with superior UX can even be considered “fun” to use.

We emphasize strong UX in our products. We like this. Taking a lead role in crafting UX will be a rewarding experience!

Reason #5: Social and Mobile are the Future!

We’re already building some great products on the web. But, we’re just getting started with our plans for social and Mobile prodcuts.

You’ll be the fearless leader driving UI for our social and mobile offerings. What an amazing opportunity to stretch out your creative cravings!


If you’re a passionate UI Designer/Developer and the highlight of your day is a sports highlight, check out our job posting here: We’re Hiring a Lead UI Designer/Developer. And if you know of friends who are designers, do them a favor and share this post!


New Release adds Tools for Registration Pricing, Admin Payment Terminal, Reporting, and More!

Product News, Release Notes, Value of LeagueApps

LeagueApps MVPs, we’ve got a great new release for you! This one takes another step in providing greater flexibility for managing your sports programs your way.

Specifically, we’ve included updates that give you greater registration pricing flexibility, better financial reporting, an admin payment terminal, registration notifications, and bunch of additional updates to help you manage more efficiently. Read on to learn about these updates.

Admin Payment Terminal

We’ve heard from a lot of our partners that they often need to collect credit card payments manually — either over a phone call, in person at an event, or even by fax or mail. We’ve now made it easy for you to do this with the addition of the Admin Payment Terminal.

The Admin Payment Terminal allows you to click on any member’s unpaid (or partially paid) invoice and submit the payment right from the manager console. Take your iPad or other tablet to the games, and accept payments in person. Or, easily take payments over the phone. It’s super easy now!

» Check out our video and our help article on using the Admin Payment Terminal.

Reporting Tool for Payment Transactions

We understand that keeping a close eye on your incoming payments is critical to your business. To support this important need, we created a new reporting tool that allows you to create, save and run reports against your payment transactions. To access this new reporting tool, go to “Reports > Transactions”.

This tool allows you to modify a host of different filter and search settings, relating to the date range, program details and payment type information. You can then “save” any combination of filter settings as a “saved report” that can be easily accessed later. For example, you could create saved reports to see payment volume by sport in which you’d have a different report for each sport. Or, you could create reports by time frame. The uses for this tool are limitless.

» Check out our video and our help article on using the Reporting Tools.

Registration Pricing Flexibility — Early Bird and Late Fees

We made a few updates to the registration pricing settings. These updates will help you maximize your registration revenue by fully leveraging the timeline of your registration period.

First, we made an important adjustment to the Early Bird pricing feature. It will now charge a player the full fee amount if the player has not fully paid before the early bird time period has expired. This is a big distinction from how this feature has been working to date. Up until now, a player could register during the early bird period, and be invoiced the early bird amount, but not pay until after the early bird period has expired. In these cases, the player was still paying the early bird amount. Going forward, a player will be charged the difference if they do not fully pay during the early bird period.

We added a new pricing setting that allows you to charge Late Fee prices. This new setting works exactly like the existing Early Bird setting, except that it is applied later during the registration period. Under the Registration Options for any program (or under the site default registration settings in Settings > Registration), the Late Fee price settings are located under the section named “Additional Fees and Payment Types”.

To enable Late Fees, you specify when you want the late pricing to start taking effect (in the number of days after registration begins), and the respective fees to be charged for each registration type. Once enabled, any players who register after the “late period” begins will be invoiced this specified amount.

Registration Notifications

We added a useful feature to keep you in the loop as players register. You can new be email notified in real time whenever a new player registers for a program. This is super helpful if you want to keep real time tabs on who’s registering, or if you want to reach out and introduce yourself to new players. This setting is enabled in the Registration Options for any program (or under the site default registration settings in Settings > Registration). There is a new section named “Notifications”. You can specify to have these notifications sent to any level of admins you’d like to receive them.

Member Data Collection Improvements

Collecting and maintaining data on your members will make you a smarter organization, and better able to design programs that suit their needs. We made a few improvements to help you become more proficient with this task.

(1) Option to prompt members to fill in missing required fields
From time to time, you may want to add a new member profile field (under Settings > Member Profile) to begin collecting some new information that you were not previously collecting. Now, when you do this, you can automatically prompt members to go fill in such new fields when they next login. A member who has any empty “required” fields will be automatically prompted to fill in these fields when they login. In order to enable this setting, go to “Settings > Member Profile” and toggle ON the control for “Prompt members to fill in any empty required fields when they login”.

(2) Birthdate added as “structured” profile field
If you have been collecting member birthdate using a custom field, you will now have a much better option. We have made the Birthdate a structured field that is part of the core member profile. It is broken into separate fields for Month, Date, and Year. This makes it easier to sort by birthdate / age on member export reports. This field is optional by default, but can be set to required if you like (under Settings > Member Profile).

(3) Member Feedback Form
We realized that the member feedback form built into your site was not asking members for their email address or name. This has been changed so that it will ask for this information now, if the member is not logged in. This is important so that you are aware who sent the message and you can get back to them.

Additional Improvements and Tweaks

We also made a bunch of smaller improvements, tweaks and fixes. These are all aimed at improving the quality and operation of the product.

  • You can now leave the “Gender” field on a program in an “open” state, if you do not wish to specify the program as being either Male, Female or Co-Ed.
  • Standings setting to allow winning percentage to be expressed in format “1.000” verses “100%”. See “Settings > Standings & Scoring” to adjust this setting.
  • Under program registration settings, when using “payment is shared by all players” setting, you now have the option to “force” this setting and not allow the captain to opt-out.
  • Mobile app home screen icon properly uses customized graphic.
  • Mobile app properly displays program standings by division, if divisions are used and enabled.
  • Mobile app properly uses custom program labels (e.g., custom defined label for ‘Free Agent’, ‘Team’, etc).
  • Resolved issue on “Officiating Schedule” in which incorrect games were appearing.
  • Resolved issues associated with displays of cross-program games.
  • Schedule Generator initiation operation resolved for some program types.
  • Resolved issues associated with players registering after the registration close date.

LeagueApps Office Hours

In order to ensure a smooth transition, LeagueApps will be holding office hours from 2pm – 4pm EST on Friday April 19th. Please email to schedule a 15-minute call with our partner management team. We’ll be happy to walk through the features with you and help you get familiar with the new settings and configurations.

Reach out to us if you have any questions, issues or want to schedule a meeting outside of the office hours listed.

LeagueApps Is Recruiting Sales All-Stars. Is This You?

Company News, LeagueApps Team, Press

The famous baseball manager Casey Stengel once said “Finding good players is easy. Getting them to play together as a team is another story”. Unlike Casey, we don’t have Mickey Mantle sitting in our office, but we do agree with Mr. Stengel that it’s essential to find great talent and make sure they fit in while also improving our team. Check out our current LeagueApps team roster.

The Partnership Sales Specialist role is an inside sales position for LeagueApps in our New York City office. You will join a team responsible for introducing the LeagueApps platform to local sports organizations and finding the right partners to join our platform and network. LeagueApps has spent years developing a software solution to bring value and benefit to sports organizers and their participants. We’re focused on building relationships with these organizations to understand how they operate and help figure out how LeagueApps can be configured to be a valuable solution. Jeff, our Director of Sales, does a good job explaining how our sales team enjoys interacting with league partners.

The Scouting Report

The LeagueApps Partnership Sales Specialist is an energetic, self-motivated individual with some sales experience that can help drive growth of the LeagueApps platform and partner base. You are a hunter and a closer. You will acquire sports organizations for the LeagueApps platform by identifying and qualifying new business opportunities through telephone, e-mail, web, social media, SMS and and in-person meetings. You are comfortable selling software/technology solutions (SaaS) to small or medium sized local businesses. You love everything about sports and can/will speak with passionate sports organizers all day long. Every day!

Position Responsibilities

The Sales Partnership Specialist has specific responsibilities within the team. We’ve drilled down this exact role to highlight the daily and weekly activities and tasks necessary to be successful.

  • Develop and cultivate leads for the sales pipeline
  • Introduce and share the LeagueApps platform, products, value proposition, competitive advantages, resources and processes with prospects via email, chat, phone calls, in-person meetings, and other unique & creative ways!
  • Present an engaging live, online, interactive product demo
  • Understand solution requirements and manage basic implementation to ensure high levels of service to clients
  • Listen to, identify and understand customer objectives and develop specific solution(s) for their needs
  • Assist in development of local marketing initiatives
  • Participate in local sports and recreation industry events. Maintain knowledge of competition.
  • Be a teammate. Work in conjunction with all team members across product, business development, account management and engineering
  • Likes, Needs, to Win

Position Requirements

The most important requirements are to have passion, energy and motivation. We’re looking for those crazy folks that are mad about sports, digital and entrepreneurship AND loves to sell. A few other “requirements” that often indicate success for this role include:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in work experience.
  • Excellent verbal & written communication skills, good team player & motivator
  • Ability to plan ahead, meet appropriate deadlines and work independently on projects
  • Thorough understanding of digital software products, marketing and local sports business
  • Able to hit ground running and perfect LeagueApps software demo within two weeks
  • Technology enthusiast – What blogs do you read? What gadgets do you have?
  • Sports enthusiast – What sports are you playing now?
  • Clear Eyes, Full Hearts

This role is also only available in our NYC office. We need our sales team interacting with our entire team throughout the day and the best way to do that is to have them all in our pod.

Are You Interested?

If you think this position is right for you then sell us on that! We’re actively looking to find the right player for the role and for our team. Use your resume, online profiles, presentation skills and persistence to prove it. We’re easy to get in touch with (as easy as any league organizer) through email, phone or social media.

If you know of someone that might be a good fit for the role please let us know that as well or have them apply now. We’ll appreciate the assist!

Also, there are other roles available at LeagueApps. Check out all our open positions here.


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