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O Canada! LeagueApps Offers Online Registration For Canadian Sports Organizations

Company News, Press, Product News, Value of LeagueApps

There are so many great sports organizations and clubs in Canada that would be great LeagueApps partners, but until last week there was no ability for a Canadian organization to utilize LeagueApps to collect registration payments. The powers that be in the credit card processing world make it incredibly complex to create and integrate online payment solutions for partners outside of the USA. Luckily, our friends over at Stripe recently released the ability for a Canadian business to use a Stripe account to accept payments. A few tweaks to the LeagueApps platform and we’re all set to offer all of our payment and registration services to Canadian organizations.

If you are running a Canadian league and want to accept payments in Canadian dollars, we can help!

It’s simple to get started. You must use Stripe as your payment solution. Here are the steps to get setup:

(1) Create or Log into a LeagueApps account

(2) Go to the Manage Account section of the LeagueApps Admin console and under Payment Gateway you can signup for a Stripe account. Be sure to select CAD support as this cant be changed once a Stripe account has been created. Here is a support article explaining the Stripe setup process.

Note that member payments will be processed as Canadian dollars.

LeagueApps is eager to launch our first few Canadian partners this week including Regina Ultimate Flying Disc Club. RUFDC is committed to growing Ultimate in Canada and championing the “spirit of the game”.

Do let us know if you’re located north of the border and looking to use LeagueApps. LeagueApps is eager to partner with all kinds of Canadian sports leagues especially for ice hockey, curling and any sport that is uniquely Canadian!

BIG Updates with Tournament Brackets, Divisions, Canadian Currency and More!

Company News, Product News, Release Notes

We’ve been working super hard to make the product better and better. This latest release includes a few great new features as well as a host of smaller improvements that will make your life easier as you manage your sports programs.

  • #1: Tournament Brackets: Just in time for NCAA March Madness, we’ve released a super snazzy tournament brackets feature!
  • #2: Divisions: One of our core product themes is to continually improve FLEXIBILITY… and, the introduction of “Divisions” will give you a great deal more flexibility in structuring and organizing sports programs YOUR way.
  • #3 Canadian Currency Support: Running a league in Canada? If so, you’ll be happy to learn that we’ve added support for accepting transactions in Canadian dollars for our friends up North.
  • #4 A Slew of Smaller Improvements: As always, we’re committed to continually improving the quality of the product, and that means making smaller improvements with every product release.

Read on to learn more about these updates…

Tournament Brackets

Host your own March Madness! :)

The new tournament brackets feature is seamlessly integrated with the existing program game scheduling feature. It’s a CINCH to create a new tournament for any number of teams. And, you don’t even need to have a “perfect” number of teams (i.e., 4, 8, 16, 32, etc).

Here are the key things to know about this new feature:

  • Easily generate a ‘single elimination’ tournament with visual bracketsright on your program schedule.
    • Choose teams to be included in the tournament from the existing teams on the program.
    • Use any number of teams.
    • Specify the seed rank for each team.
    • Specify the start date, location(s) and game time(s) to be used.
    • Generate and save entire tournament brackets in under a minute.
  • Update game scores and have winning teams automatically advance to the next round.
  • Tournament games are displayed on all schedule views for members to see.
  • Visual brackets display is available from the program schedule.

To get started with tournament brackets, go into the schedule section for any one of your programs and click the “Generate Schedule” button. You’ll then be able to choose “Tournament Brackets” as the schedule type, and you’re off to the races. Let us know if you have any questions!

Organizing Programs into Divisions

You now have even more flexibility for structuring and organizing your sports programs. The new Divisions feature allows you to subdivide any program, assign teams to different divisions, and display standings broken out by division (see below screenshot).

The great thing about the Divisions feature is that it allows you to set up your programs in so many more interesting ways. You can now subdivide a program based on location, game dates/times, skill level, or whatever you’d like. Divisions are contained within the same parent program, so the pricing and registration settings are all based on the parent program settings.

Here are some of the important details about the Divisions feature:

  • Create and manage multiple “divisions” within your sports programs.
  • Assign teams to/from divisions, in the manager console. To do this, access the “move” control on the “Program Teams” page in the console.
  • Optionally display program standings broken out by divisions (i.e., teams are ranked within each division).
  • Display divisions on public facing website views for program profiles and team profiles.
  • Customize the label used for “division” on public facing website views.

To get started with divisions, follow these three quick steps:

  • #1: Setup Preferences
    • For any program in which you’d like to use divisions, go into the “Program > Settings > Preferences” for that program, and click the option to “enable” divisions. In this program preferences section, you can also edit the custom label used for “Division” on public-facing web views.
    • If you want your program standings to display rankings by division, then go to the site wide standings settings under “Settings > Standings & Scoring”, and make sure the option is enabled to allow divisional rankings (see option labeled “If divisions are enabled for a program, rank teams by division”).
  • #2: Create and Edit Divisions
    • Next, under the program’s “Settings” tab, click on “Divisions” and add/edit some divisions.
  • #3: Assign Teams to Divisions
    • Go to the program’s “Teams” tab, click the “move” control for any team to move it into a desired division. You can assign teams to divisions after they are registered in your program.

After these steps, you’re all set and your standings display will be broken out by division. As you get started with this feature, let us know what questions you have.

Canadian Currency Support

If you are running a Canadian league and need to accept payments in Canadian dollars, we can help!

It’s simple to get started. You need to use Stripe as your payment gateway. Here are the steps to get setup:

    • (1) Create or Log into a LeagueApps account

(2) Go to the Manage Account section of the LeagueApps Admin console and under Payment Gateway you can signup for a Stripe account. Be sure to select CAD support as this cant be changed once a Stripe account has been created. Here is a support article explaining the Stripe setup process.

Note that member payments will be processed as Canadian dollars.

Now, once your members submit payments, they will be processed as Canadian dollars.

Additional Improvements to Improve Quality

We made a bunch of additional improvements in this release to improve quality. Here is a summary:

  • Resolved an issue with setting invited and directly joining team player registration status to “reserved” when the team is already paid by captain.
  • Resolved issue so that live programs with closed registrations do not show up under the public-facing ‘registrations’ tab.
  • Game reminder subject line displaying “tomorrow” only when appropriate.
  • Team schedule showing “L” only when outcome is in fact a loss.
  • Locations page “programs” filter now working correctly.
  • Tweak to ensure that free-agent custom label is properly used on member dashboard.
  • Resolved issue related to quotes being used in custom labels.
  • Resolved issue related to rendering member details page in manager console.

We hope that you find some value in these updates. If you have any questions about what’s included in this release, please contact our account management team and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Shirt Reporting Configuration and Best Practices

Best Practices, Feature Highlight, Value of LeagueApps

LeagueApps partners frequently express the important role of t-shirts within their sports organization. Many partners almost feel like they moonlight as t-shirt vendors since they spend so much time and energy on shirt ordering, distribution and customer service.

Shirts serve multiple purposes. Many sports programs will provide shirts to their teams and/or participants as uniforms for their sports activities. The shirts are often included as part of the registration fee. An added benefit for both the leagues and it’s members is that individuals will rock the shirt beyond the playing field. It’s great marketing (a human billboard!) as the participants are proud to show off their athletic and/or social super-stardom to their friends!

LeagueApps enjoys collecting our partner shirts and we plan to hang them up on the walls in our office. We’ll be sure to share photos once we actually hang them up.

Unfortunately, dealing with shirts can be exasperating for a league organizer. Shirt quantities, colors and sizes all have to be collected and managed properly. Shirt ordering is often time-sensitive. Shirts need to be printed and delivered by the start of the sports programs. If a players doesn’t get their correct shirt, watch out!

LeagueApps can help with the t-shirt process. Here are some of the best practices.

Collect T-Shirt Sizes (With Customized Form Fields)

Customized form fields can be utilized during the registration process to obtain the t-shirt size for each participant. The most practical way to do this is create a mandatory drop down form field with all of the different shirt sizes. As each of your members register for a new program they will enter their shirt size.

We recommend to add this form field to each program registration. You may also consider adding a form field to the member profile information when new accounts are created (although player shirt size may change over time). This way you will also have an additional listing of a players t-shirt size as a backup.

Generate a Shirt Report (Individual Program)

As the registration period ends it’s time to tally up all of the team and player information in order to create a t-shirt order. Within each program you can extract a spreadsheet (.csv) report of all of the player data. This will include additional form field information such as t-shirt size. You might even want to delete some of the fields that are unnecessary to create a shirt report. Often, it makes sense to sort by team and then by size and manually tally the totals for each program. Below is an example of how a spreadsheet might look.

Generate A Shirt Report (All Programs)

Shirt reporting and ordering gets way more complicated when multiple leagues or programs all need to be processed and ordered at the same time.

The new registration report within LeagueApps should be helpful. Instead of having to pull a report of each individual program you can now pull a report of multiple programs. Programs can be sorted by status, name, sport or type. For example, a report can be pulled of all upcoming basketball leagues. Reports can even be saved for future use.

Similar to the individual program report, a spreadsheet (.csv) can be generated that includes player name, program, team as well as form field information that would include t-shirt size. Actual t-shirt sizes by team still need to be calculated from within the spreadsheet so be sure to find an excel guru if you need help!

What’s Next

We know there are ways that LeagueApps can improve how it can help leagues with their t-shirt reporting to make it even quicker and easier. A few enhancements on the list include:

  • Incorporate team colors into the reports
  • Automatically tally t-shirts by size, team and program within LeagueApps and .csv files
  • Enable the ability to send a report directly to your shirt vendor
  • Collect additional fees for special shirts or sizes

Let us know how your organization uses LeagueApps to help with shirt reporting. Or hit us up if you think we can help configure LeagueApps to make this process more efficient.


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