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United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) Selects LeagueApps As Official Digital Platform

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A new partnership between the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) and LeagueApps, the leading digital platform for local sports organizations, provides the USASA and its affiliate organizations a new solution for the demanding tasks of online registration, league management and player database tools.

As part of the agreement, LeagueApps has developed a custom CRM tool and dynamic database for the USASA to track and organize all registration data obtained from state associations and affiliated leagues. The tiered database enables a hierarchical data structure to provide value at both the USASA and state association level. This will enable the USASA to aggregate, manage and dynamically update their entire member database that consists of 54 state associations and over 250,000 registered players each year.

The LeagueApps platform allows any soccer organization within the USASA network the ability to develop and easily launch or integrate a customizable league website and online registration system without any upfront costs or monthly fees. LeagueApps features also serve the needs of USASA leagues through scheduling tools, results/standings, member messaging; design and theme editor, Facebook integration and it will soon launch mobile websites. The Chicago Soccer League is one example of an affiliated league leveraging the LeagueApps platform to create a new digital solution and full website.

This partnership furthers the USASA mission to administer, develop and promote participation in adult soccer within the United States through a safe and positive playing experience at all levels.

The three-year agreement recognizes LeagueApps as the official digital platform to the USASA and its members for online registration and league management. LeagueApps will also partner with the USASA to drive member growth and develop digital marketing programs to attract national and regional sponsorship.

“We chose to partner with LeagueApps because they take traditional online registration one step further by providing our leagues with everything they’ll need to run their organization and create a better experience for our players. LeagueApps is a platform that enables easier administration, provides marketing benefits, revenue optimization and a better digital experience at the member level. We’re excited to offer the LeageuApps platform to all of our affiliated organizations.” Says USASA Executive Director Duncan Riddle.

The three-year agreement recognizes LeagueApps as the official digital platform to the USASA and its members for online registration and league management. LeagueApps will also partner with the USASA to drive member growth and develop digital marketing programs to attract national and regional sponsorship.

“The LeagueApps platform helps the USASA directly but it also provides more value to its affiliated soccer organization and their players. The future of adult soccer will not only be played out on the pitch but will also be impacted by the digital applications, devices and connectivity of it’s players.” Says Brian Litvack, CEO of LeagueApps.

The United States Adult Soccer Association is the premier national soccer organization dedicated to participation in, enjoyment and growth of adult soccer across America. USASA is comprised of 54 NSAs, who handle registration of players, teams, leagues, and referees. The USASA is recognized for providing leadership and valued programs, resources and services to support its member organizations, making “Soccer – your game for life.”


Bracket Scheduling: Bringing March Madness to your LeagueApps Site!

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Any avid sports fan eats, sleeps, and breathes the NCAA tournament come March Madness. We have all become bracket crazy!

The Bad News: March is eight months away.

The Good News: Your sports league’s playoff season or next tournament is just around the corner or a lot sooner than March 2013, and you are the head of the selection committee!

Paper brackets are quickly becoming outdated in a digital world where players access everything online. We know it can be a hassle to constantly update and communicate playoff or tournament results to all teams involved. The time lag can be frustrating for teams that want to start prepping for their next opponent sooner rather than later. That is why we at LeagueApps want to help keep participants connected to tournament information at all times.

Our platform allows you to create a tournament online via the Add Single Game feature found under the tournament’s Schedule tab. It’s as easy as choosing two opponents, the type of game, game time/day and location. OR you can use our Schedule Generator to create a tournament yourself. Feel free to add additional information to the notes section to identify byes, rounds, or seedings. Read up on our Scheduling tips and suggestions.


In addition to tournament scheduling on LeagueApps, we also wanted to open your eyes to how our platform can help you deliver even more value to your players and make your life easier. Free bracket building tools offered online, including sites like Challonge and Better Bracket Maker, let you build interactive brackets that are visually similar to the countless number of March Madness brackets you have printed out over the years. By creating custom content tabs on your LeagueApps site, you can link externally to these outside resources from your homepage. Alternatively, you can save your league members time by seamlessly integrating these bracket tools into LeagueApps, as seen below:


Integrating a more visual bracket keeps all your tournaments under your LeagueApps site and lets your players access everything in one place.

Now is your chance to feel like the head of the NCAA selection committee. We like to share these innovative methods for structuring your playoffs and tournaments to help you add value to your league and delight your participants. Players should not be the only ones excited about participating in the playoffs or next tournament. You should have fun too. The ball’s in your court!

Have an exciting tournament coming up? Ask us how we can help. For questions or feedback, please contact our League Partnerships team: or (800) 257-3681.


This blog post is written by Mike Riley. Our newest superstar and league partnership coordinator, Mike is focused on developing solutions for local sports organizations. Catch him on Twitter @LifeofRiley29.


Processing Fees Can Help Subsidize Sports League Registration Costs

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LeagueApps offers the option to add a processing fee as part of the online registration feature. We’d like to share a bit more about this feature and how it is being used by our league partners.

The processing fee is an optional setting that allows a sports organization to charge an additional fee as a separately displayed line item. The league admin can set the fee to whatever price he or she prefers. This is a useful tool to explicitly pass on processing fees and clearly indicate this to sports participants.

Convenience fees have become a common and often acceptable component of online transactions. Different types of online businesses use a convenience fee including movie tickets, reservations, concerts, sports events and online services and billing. Ticketmaster and Fandango are well-known and popular companies that use service fees.

Almost half of all of the sports organizations on LeagueApps enable processing fees. In fact, 41.6% of all registrations through LeagueApps contain a processing fee. These fees vary, usually between $1 – $5 per registration. Many organizations use processing fees to roughly cover the costs of credit card charges that hover between 1.8-3.5%.

Processing fees are not a fit for every organization. The option to use this registration setting within LeagueApps is at the discretion of the league staff. Sports league that enact a processing fee often experience very limited push back from their members. Customers understand that there are costs associated with the benefits of utilizing online payments.

If you do use processing fees, there is the ability through LeagueApps to add protections for your members that may have an issue with a processing fee. The first is to allow an option for the participant to pay in person or by check without an additional fee. Very few members will opt for this option but they do like to have a choice. The LeagueApps platform even allows the admin to determine the label to be used for processing fees. Other terms that are widely used include “convenience fees” or “service charges”. Another alternative is to just increase league fees instead of separating it out as a processing fee. Either way, the organization will collect all of the payment directly into their bank account.

Are Processing Fees Permissible?

Yes, we believe so. Visa and other major credit card companies allow convenience fees as long as the fee is for a bona fide convenience of using an alternate payment channel outside of the merchant’s normal business practice.

By definition, convenience fees are levied for the privilege of paying for a product or service using an alternative payment channel, or a payment method that is not standard for the merchant. Sports leagues, for example, often accept registration and payment in person. However, if a sports leagues gives customers the alternative option of paying online using a credit card, then that league could charge a “convenience fee” for the privilege. So technically, the participant is not paying for the privilege of using their credit card, but for the privilege of using the more convenient option.

The LeagueApps team will be happy to consult with you on the best options for your sports organization. We’d also like to learn more about your experiences with processing fees and how they can utilized properly.

LeagueApps Teams Up with Serve® From American Express To Make Team Payments A Whole Lot Easier!

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LeagueApps is excited to announce a partnership with Serve from American Express. LeagueApps is offering all of our league partners an opportunity to participate in a marketing program that lets our partners share the benefits of Serve with all of your members and participants.

While LeagueApps provides functionality for online registration and fees paid by teams and players to your organization, several payment use cases are still not covered for your players. There are various costs to divvy up for sports activities including additional league fees, equipment, uniforms, ref costs, and field or gym time. Even those watermelon slices are being paid for by someone! It’s often inefficient for your team captains or players to collect payments from a large group and it can leave him or her in a bind.

Serve is a digital prepaid account designed for all of us that lets users securely send and receive money by email, txt and Facebook. Through this partnership, teammates and group members that are part of the LeagueApps platform will be enabled to easily share payments or fees.

Serve callouts and banners will be incorporated into both and the LeagueApps platform to drive awareness and connect with your members when they may need to collect money from or send money to teammates. This includes LeagueApps integration through the registration confirmation page, team homepage, team messaging feature and website footer.

Each league partner will also receive their own page with creative assets and best practices to incorporate into your website, social media profiles, emails and promotions in a way which best suits your league and will track all the accounts generated from players in your organization.

Complete this survey application form if your organization would like to be considered for this marketing partnership. You can also learn more about the Recreational Sports Network (RSN) and how LeagueApps attracts marketing partnerships around local sports.

Benefits that will make it easier for your members to manage their team or sports activities include:

Send & Receive Payments Through Mobile Devices
Players interact with their teammates on the field, not in front of their computers, so it’s important to have a flexible multi-platform solution to share payments. With the Serve mobile app, players can manage their account and send or receive money while on the go.

Make Team Purchases With Your Serve Card
When players set up their Serve account, they will also receive a digital prepaid card that can be used to make purchases wherever American Express® Cards are accepted in the U.S. This allows your team to keep funds in a Serve account and make purchases using Serve throughout the season.

Interested in working with Serve? Fill out the form now!

LeagueApps Releases New Admin Role – The Program Manager

Company News, LeagueApps Team, Press

The LeagueApps platform allows you to add multiple admins to your account, each having their own unique roles and responsibilities (read up on our  full scope of LeagueApps admin roles here). Our team recently added a Program Manager role, giving our partners more flexibility when managing their admins. The Program Manager role allows you to delegate an admin to any program (or number of programs) on your site. The new role lets you manage your staff with greater efficiency, while freeing you up to focus on other areas of your business. We feel for our league organizers and the countless hours they put – here’s one way to lessen the workload!

The Program Manager has full control of all things related to that program, including the registration settings, invoices, etc. This level of access lets your staff really “own” the day-to-day management of your leagues, tournaments, or events. Learn how to assign a program manager to one of your programs.

Below are several common use cases for utilizing Program Managers:

League Management by Sport

If you are looking to grow and scale your team, it may be a good idea to hire managers in charge of program operations. Some of our league partners divvy up their program offerings by sport. The program manager role lets you match up all your staff members with the specific programs they are running.

Expansion to New Cities

If your organization has branched out to new markets, you can create entirely new sites for each new city. You can manage all your sites under one LeagueApps account and assign admins to each site. On the other hand, having all your programs in one place may be easier to manage. Plus, you can save time by not having to create multiple sites. The program manager role allows you to keep your various markets on one site. Simply assign program managers to run the programs for each city.

Better Organization

Recreational sports is a hectic world. Who does what can easily get lost in the shuffle. Assigning your staff members as program managers gives them clear-cut job descriptions. This can help your organization stay organized internally, by being transparent about every employee’s roles and responsibilities.

How are you utilizing the Program Manager role, or any of our admin roles for that matter? We’re happy to hear your feedback. Hit up Asaf at 646-660-9430, or


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