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LeagueApps Makes it Easier to Schedule Divisions!

Feature Highlight

Many of our league partners like to setup their divisions as separate programs on LeagueApps. We just made it possible to schedule games between two teams who play in different divisions (i.e. cross-divisional scheduling). The LeagueApps squad made this feature update to give our partners the flexibility to allow teams in separate divisions to play one another. We realize one thing when it comes to scheduling – the more options, the better!

Any sports organization can now add cross-divisional games to their schedules on LeagueApps. This can be useful if you have several divisions in a season and want to give teams in different divisions the opportunity to play one another. It gives teams who wouldn’t normally cross paths the chance to mix it up with different opponents and meet new faces. You can even hype up your season finale by having the leaders of each division square off for a shot at the season title! Another use-case we’ve seen is with organizations who are scrambling to finish building out a schedule for their season. They now have the ability to schedule out-of-league games and easily fill up their schedules. Some organizations even match up teams in different skill level divisions for fun. For instance, a soccer team in the recreational division might face a team in the competitive division.


Read our help article for detailed instructions on how to handle cross-program scheduling. Once you schedule a cross-program game, you should see a green symbol on the schedule next to the game (see below).



We’re interested to hear how you like to schedule your divisions on LeagueApps. As always, send us feedback and let us know how this is helpful to you. Hit up Asaf if you’d like to chat – 646-660-9430, or

Insurance For Sports Leagues and Organizations

Best Practices

An aspect of local sports that the LeagueApps team is learning more about is the insurance needs for sports leagues and organizations. We often receive inquiries about insurance issues or needs. We also are asked about the LeagueApps online waiver form feature. This feature allows leagues to create custom content for waiver forms within the program registration flow and then track completed waiver forms from within the admin console.

Most businesses and organizations have insurance needs but it’s especially crucial for sports organizations. Sports naturally have a fair share of injuries and accidents and there are certainly inherent risks and liabilities. A single mishap can devastate a sports organization if it does not properly protect itself and its participants. In addition, many sports organizations must provide proof of insurance to receive permits for playing fields, gyms or event spaces.

General Liability

The most basic type of insurance is General Liability. This protects against risks including bodily injury or property damage caused by direct or indirect actions of the insured. Most General Liability policies cover the risk of being sued for negligence or strict liability torts. Although the rules do vary by state, General Liability is usually required.

Unfortunately, many General Liability policies for sports organizations include an athletic participant exclusion. This means the policy does not apply to bodily injury to people participating in actual sports activities. In effect, this type of policy covers nothing more than lawsuits arising out of spectator injuries!

Participant Legal Liability

Insurance carriers that specialize in General Liability for sports organizations sometimes provide an affirmative coverage grant called Participant Legal Liability that ensures coverage for all participants. This blog post better explains how this works in more detail.

Accidental Medical

Finally, sports organizations may also consider accidental medical expense coverage. This covers participant’s medical expenses that can arise from a sports accident or injury including slips, falls and broken bones. Accidental medical is often obtained to help enhance General Liability coverage and help deter liability claims since the risk of lawsuits is less likely when medical expenses are covered.

Policy Costs and Pricing

Insurance policies prices are based on the number of unique annual participants within an organization. Prices per player vary based on the sport, location and other variables. General Liability often range between $1 – $5 per player and accidental medical can be an additional $1 – $1.50 per player. Policy premiums and limits also range with a standard policy having up to $1-$3MM coverage for general liability and a $1000 premium and a $25,000 coverage limit for accidental.

Waiver/Release Forms

Waiver forms that are signed or agreed upon by your participants may help protect against lawsuits. Well written forms that avoid common pitfalls can help reduce the ultimate settlement especially if the claim is more accidental and not caused by negligence. Waiver forms rarely bind the participant and more often are used to trigger the assumption of risk defense which may result in a significant reduction in damages owed. A waiver or release form will never take the place of the proper insurance coverage.

Here are a few tips to consider in evaluating insurance policies.

  • Understand the overall insurance requirements in your state
  • Understand the insurance requirements to receive field or gym permits in your community
  • Accurately determine the number of annual participants in your organization
  • Determine if the General Liability policy has an athletic participant exclusion clause, is “silent” or explicitly states Participant Legal Liability.
  • Get quotes from multiple brokers and read the fine print!
  • Find brokerages that have special programs setup for local sports organizations. Bell Anderson is one insurance company that does this and they were the main sponsor at the SSIA conference. Track down Jason Webb at jasonw@bell-anderson.comand he’ll be happy to help out your organization.
  • The need and use of waiver forms vary by policy. Ask your insurance provide what type of online waiver form and waiver messaging is required or preferred

How To Publish your Registration to Facebook

Feature Highlight, Value of LeagueApps

Last month, the LeagueApps squad released a powerful Facebook registration publishing feature. The feature allows players to share their sports activities with their Facebook friends. By pushing their registration links out to Facebook, your members can act as your sports organization’s salespeople and recruit new players for your leagues.

We made a brief video that illustrates how players can publish their registrations to Facebook each time they register for a program. The video walks through Facebook registration publishing and shows the viral impact it can have.

Facebook registration publishing can play an integral role in your organization’s growth. As players signup and publish their registration links to Facebook, their Facebook friends can follow the link and register for a program on your site. This leads to BETTER exposure, MORE registrations, and NEW members!!

Check that your Facebook Settings are configured so you can start leveraging Facebook registration publishing. Next up for Facebook, we’ll be creating Facebook Page Apps, allowing for even more integration between your LeagueApps site and Facebook fan page. Stay tuned for more details.

If you have any questions/feedback on Facebook or you need your Facebook App integrated, just ask Asaf! You can reach him at or 646-660-9430.


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