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LeagueApps Teams Up With Facebook

Company News, Feature Highlight, Press

Over the last few months the LeagueApps team released a host of new features that fully leverages and integrates Facebook. We’re going to break it all down in this post and share the marketing and social benefits for league partners that utilize these features. First, here is why LeagueApps decided to focus on building out our Facebook partnership.

  • Most sports organizations are already creating and managing their own Facebook pages.
  • Players (most everybody actually) are using Facebook every day
  • There are unique marketing benefits to sharing an organization’s leagues, events and activities through Facebook
  • Facebook is a social platform. People share updates, photos, videos and content. A main theme of LeagueApps is to help players prolong the positive feeling of playing sports on AND off the field.

Facebook Login & Member Accounts

The Facebook Registration plugin for LeagueApps allows league members to signup and login to their account using their Facebook credentials. Having members utilize their Facebook identity allows them to be more social with their teammates.

Account Convenience
New or returning members can signup, login and register using their Facebook account. This simplifies the registration process for all new members leading to more successful completed registrations.

Social Profiles
League members can initiate social connections that can go beyond the playing fields. Members profile photos are populated with their Facebook photo and links to their profile. Players can view and “friend” their teammates’ through Facebook.

Member Retention
More social interaction between players leads to more camaraderie and better member retention. Facebook connection is another way to get players excited about where a sports organization is heading and ensure they’ll continue to participate in leagues activities.

Facebook Feed Publishing – Program Registration

Players can publish their league program registrations to their Facebook profile feed. This viral feature allows players to easily share their sports activities with their friends. Members can now easily recruit new players for your leagues by sharing registration links through Facebook!

Facebook Page – Website Integration

Facebook Pages allow for unlimited “fans” and get great search engine visibility. They help an organization build a social mailing list that can be reached at any time. This LeagueApps feature allows a league to connect its Facebook page to its LeagueApps website. This facilitates members to “like” the Facebook page and join your league community on Facebook. Members are encouraged to “like” the league Facebook page after they register or join a league program.

Here is a short video tutorial that shows how a Facebook page is linked to a LeagueApps Account.

LeagueApps Wall

League organizers can use the LeagueApps Wall features to post announcements to members through the site. The wall gives a league the ability for admins to communicate with members quickly and effectively. These messages can automatically be pushed to a league’s Facebook page. Players that post to the wall can also share their messages through Facebook.

We’re thrilled to share all of these features with you and eager to hear your feedback and learn the benefit they bring for your organization. Be sure to check our our LeagueApps help articles to get more detailed instruction on how to use these new features within the admin console. There’s actually much more we plan to do with Facebook in the future. We’re just getting warming up!


LeagueApps Platform Technology

Press, Product News, Value of LeagueApps

We often get asked about the technology that we use to build and run the LeagueApps platform. The questions are usually around the speed, reliability and security of our system. Since sports organizations choose to use LeagueApps as their digital solution, it’s essential that we have a reliable and secure platform. Here is more information on all of the “behind the scenes” elements that keeps our web software platform running smoothly!

Technology Stack
LeagueApps is built using freely available and open source Java based frameworks including Struts2 for web application development, Hibernate for managing database interactions, and Spring to glue it all together.
All data is persisted by MySQL, the world’s most popular relational database management system.

Performance & Scalability
It’s cool to be fast and we continuously try to optimize server speed and loading times. Our Java runtime environment is naturally optimized for performance.

Amazon S3 is the CDN service used by LeagueApps for image/file storage. It is designed to make web-scale computing easier by providing access to the same highly scalable, reliable, secure and fast infrastructure that Amazon uses to run its own global network of web sites. It is also easily scalable.

LeagueApps uses DNS Made Easy to deliver fast, accurate DNS services with sub 30 millisecond response times in the United States.

LeagueApps system architecture is developed for horizontal scalability so our entire platform will remain fast and stable as we grow. Your site should never be affected by usage spikes by any of our other customers.

Data Security
At LeagueApps, we take great pride in ensuring our network is safe and secure for making payments. All web pages with sensitive information that are hosted on the LeagueApps domain are served over https (TLS) supporting 256 bit encryption. Currently https is served on the public site purchase page, the console login page, and any console page communicating with a payment gateway. Credit card numbers are never stored anywhere within the LeagueApps system.

Here is an example of LeagueApps payment page. You can see that the page is verified and secure, as noted by the “https” on the browser.

Data Center Facility and System Administration
The LeagueApps main data center is at the Canvas Dreams data facility in Portland, Oregon. Canvas Dreams offers on-site support and personally monitors all maintenance performed on co-location equipment. Cabinets and caged racks are secured through biometric checkpoints, multiple keylock entry and 24/7 video surveillance. From over two dozen available network upstream carriers, Canvas Dreams upstream carriers include AT&T (our primary connection), MCI, Sprint, and Level3 (backup providers). Enterprise-grade Cisco networking equipment is used for all switches and routers.

An interesting note is that the Canvas Dreams data facility is actually powered by clean wind energy Oh, and just in case of a natural disaster, five 50,000 Watt Diesel backup generators ensure uninterrupted connectivity.

The LeagueApps system administration tasks are performed by Infinitium and led by Tim Yardley. Also located in Portland, Oregon they have unparalleled access to the Canvas Dreams data center to perform and supervise maintenance on hardware equipment and IT infrastructure projects.

Data Backups
LeagueApps websites don’t just have daily back-ups but we have almost real-time redundancy. The production MySQL database is subjected to replication, meaning a “slave” instance is continuously copying data over from the “master” (the real production database). This ensures that all data is backed up if there are ever any issues with the production server.

Email Delivery
LeagueApps uses SendGrid email infrastructure to ensure that email messages sent by our league partners to their members through the LeagueApps platform is delivered successfully (and not caught in junk or spam). SendGrid offers world class deliverability expertise and handles ISP monitoring, DKIM, domain keys, SPF, feedback loops, white-labeling and link customization. SendGrid also offers unique IP addresses so that LeagueApps can maintain complete control of its email reputation. Large web platforms including Four Square, Spotify and Gowalla and Bebo use SenGrid to power their email solution.

This should better explain our system. We’re always open to feedback on our services, share how we made these decisions and discuss new technologies that we may utilize within LeagueApps in the future.

LeagueApps Signs Yankee Super-Fan Jeffrey Maier For His Helping Hands

Company News, LeagueApps Team, Press

LeagueApps’ newest employee, Jeff Maier, recently joined our team to manage new league partnerships for our LeagueApps platform. Jeff had all kinds of great qualities and skills that made him the right man for the role. He gained great experience as a key member of a growing software infrastructure sales team in his previous position. He’s been involved in sports his entire life and currently holds the all-time base hits record at Wesleyan University, where he captained the squad during his senior campaign. He worked in professional baseball and has coached high school and baseball camps. Jeff is passionate, hard working, innovative and fits in perfectly with our LeagueApps squad.

If that isn’t impressive enough, then let us share with you what young Jeff was able to do for the New York Yankees baseball franchise. In 1996, the Yankees had a promising playoff team featuring a talented but unproven rookie named Derek Jeter. Despite George Steinbrenner’s best efforts, the Yankees were in the midst of an 18-year championship drought (the longest in the storied franchise’s history). In the opening game of the ALCS, Jeter stepped to the plate in the 8th inning with the Yankees down 4-3. Jeter drove a long fly to right field. As Orioles outfielder Tony Tarasco backed up to the fence to attempt to catch the ball a young 12-year-old fan stuck out his glove and snatched the ball into the stands. The umpires official ruling was a Home Run! The Yankees would go on to win the game and the World Series. Actually, it was the start of one of the most impressive dynasties in baseball history as the Yankees would win three more championships in the next four years. Derek Jeter has gone on to be one of the best baseball players in the history of the game.

That fan that caught the ball…That’s Jeff! Ask him about it (or read about him on Wikipedia). His version is a much more modest yet entertaining account of the sensational events. Just be warned, he might also try and share with you why LeagueApps is the right digital solution for your sports organizations. He also might block your call if it’s from a 410 area code as Orioles fans still give him grief to this day!

The Major League Baseball Network rates Jeff’s play as the 6th best fan moment in baseball history. MLB also recently did a featured segment to commemorate the play. In 2006, the New York Times did a story on Jeff’s quest to play professional baseball.



While we applaud Jeff for his great play, we most appreciate that he brought his baseball glove to the game! (Our partnership manager, Asaf, also appreciates that Jeff enjoys getting sushi for lunch.) That’s the type of kid who loves the sport so much he always wants to be part of it…for his entire life. We’re glad to give Jeff another opportunity to make sports part of his life. We’ll even let him bring his glove to work if he wants!



LeagueApps Adds a New Role – the Captain Scorekeeper!

Feature Highlight, Product News

LeagueApps just helped you expand the role of team captains in your organization. Our new team captain scorekeeper feature lets you delegate scoring responsibilities to your team captains. We built this feature to help our league partners be more efficient in league management and to more quickly update game results and standings. By giving captains scorekeeping duties, league owners have one less thing to worry about in their day-to-day operations. Additionally, if you have hired score reporters, you can now cut down on resources by letting your captains make the updates.

Simply turn on the setting in your admin console (“Settings > Scoring and Standings > Edit Scorekeeper Settings”) and captains will be able to enter game scores right on their team schedule. Captains can enter scores for any of their games that are at least 1 hour past the scheduled start of the game. Team captains can also dispute the scores an opposing captain has entered. Ultimately, the league admin has the final say in settling the dispute.

We’re interested to hear how the captain scorekeeper feature affects your league. Feel free to shoot any feedback over to Asaf at 646-660-9430 or at

Grow Your Sports Organization using LeagueApps and your Facebook Feed

Company News, Product News, Release Notes, Value of LeagueApps

The LeagueApps team hit the lab this winter, releasing a host of powerful new features for our league partners. We added a whole new layer to our LeagueApps – Facebook Integration project by allowing your players to publish program registration links to their Facebook feed. Second – we updated the LeagueApps Wall feature to be a major communication tool for admins and players alike.

We built these features to help our partners promote and grow their clubs or leagues and encourage more member engagement.

Facebook Publishing

At LeagueApps, we are firm believers that having a solid referral program is key to growing your club and essential for growth (hey, we took your lead and started our own LeagueApps Referral Program). There’s nothing more productive than utilizing your existing player base as a means to recruit new players. Our new Facebook Publishing feature lets you do just that – it lets players become the driving force behind promoting your club. When players register for your leagues, events, and tournaments, they can now share the registration information on their Facebook page. Their Facebook friends will see the registration link on their Facebook feed. They can then click it to enter your site and register for a program. The more often players share your registration links, the greater your chances are of generating more registrations – and gaining new members! It’s like hiring all of your members as a brand new sales team without spending a dollar!

Aside from the promotional benefits, Facebook Publishing drives home the social element integral to every club. Taking advantage of all of our integrated Facebook features can help you stay ahead of the curve and be that cool organization that attracts the community.


We’re always available if you have any questions, issues, or feedback when using these new features. Feel free to hit up Asaf for a quick demo if you’re interested. You can reach him at 646-660-9430 or at


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