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LeagueApps Sponsors The SSIA Sport and Social Industry Conference

Company News, Press, Rec, Sports Community, Value of LeagueApps

The LeagueApps team recently sponsored and attended the 2012 Sport & Social Industry Conference in St. Petersberg, Florida on January 19th-20th. The conference, organized by the Sport & Social Industry Association, brought together over 40 of the top sport & social clubs throughout the country. Here is a list of all of the SSIA member organizations.

LeagueApps/Sportsvite currently partners with many of the sports clubs attending the conference through the LeagueApps platform, Sportsvite league profiles or past RSN sponsorship programs and activations. It’s always great to catch up with so many partners and friendly friends in one place (especially in warm weather!).

SSIA sponsor roundtables

LeagueApps met all of the clubs during the sponsor roundtables.

Through both formal presentations and casual conversations (where a few beverages may have been consumed) we were able to learn so much about the opportunities and challenges for sport and social clubs. Being the digital guys, we were eager to get a better grasp of how digital solutions and platforms are succeeding and where more needs to be done.

We shared our vision for how we want to partner with sports clubs through league management software, promotion and marketing tools, develop digital monetization opportunities and create social and engaging features that allow members to further enjoy their sports club experience on and off the field. We also had a chance to demo the LeagueApps platform to all of the clubs. There were lots of interesting conversations around mobile applications and social media platforms.

Jeff having a drink and talking sports.

LeagueApps would like to say thanks to the SSIA and Tampa Bay Club Sports for organizing the event. Please let us know if you are interested in learning more about the SSIA and we can put you in touch directly with the organizers. We’d also like to express our gratitude to all of the member clubs and other sponsors that support the recreational sports industry! It was also very cool to meet Nico Marcolongo and his service dog. He runs a non-profit organization called Operation Rebound which provides opportunities for disabled military veterans to compete and enjoy sports!

Introducing the “LeagueApps Wall”

Feature Highlight, Release Notes

Carrying on the theme of social integration, the LeagueApps team kicks off 2012 with another Facebook-related feature with the release of our very own “LeagueApps Wall”! We developed the Wall to continue to encourage social interaction with and between your members and to keep them excited to be a part off your sports organization.

The wall goes hand in hand with the on-the-field experience by providing players with a digital space to chat, build stronger connections, and be more social. The wall also gives you the ability for league organizers to communicate with your members quickly and effectively, helping your well-oiled sports machine run even more efficiently. Plus, the “wild card element” of the wall is its seamless integration with Facebook. Each time you or your members make an update, it can publish any post through Facebook.

The LeagueApps wall comes in several forms:

  • Announcement Wire
  • Program Message Wall
  • Team Message Wall

Each wall type has its own functions and social benefits. Learn how to post to each wall in our Help article.


Announcement Wire

The Announcement Wire is “home base” for site users. Many of our league partners have created central message-boards on the homepages of their sites, where league organizers manually post updates to their members. So we built the announcement to streamline the process of making site-wide announcements. Now, you can post updates by simply clicking the “Make an Announcement” button in your console, then writing your message. Updates can include game cancellations, changes in registration dates, or game recaps/highlights.

The Announcement Wire allows you to share posts on your Facebook page, so you can update your site AND facebook fan page simultaneously. Sharing posts on Facebook also lets you use Facebook as a promotional tool to attract more site visitors, recruit player signups, and generate buzz for your sports organization.

You have the option to include a wall in each of your member’s dashboard. The content of this wall is identical to the one on your homepage. You can choose to include either a wall on your homepage, member dashboard, or both. It’s completely up to you and where you think your members prefer to view their site announcements and updates.



Program Message Wall

The program wall is a program-wide forum where players across all teams can post comments and voice their opinions. It is found on each of your site’s program pages, labelled “Announcements & Messages“. Players have the option to post general comments, or make comments specifically about the schedule or standings. Some examples for schedule/standings – related comments might be alerts about a schedule conflict, a call for the admin to update the standings, or some good-old fashioned trash talking from one player to another. Players can also share posts on Facebook.

As admin, you have the ability to disallow the Facebook Share option, disable program members from making posts, or disable any program wall altogether. You can also make posts that will appear on the program wall of your choosing. This wall is best used to communicate to team captains. Examples of such comments: rain delay, more females needed in a coed league, announcement of a schedule change, etc.



Team Message Wall

The team message wall is a team’s clubhouse, or locker-room. Appropriately labelled, Team Chatter, this is where teammates interact – they can pump each other up before games, recap their performances, vote for the squad’s mvp, or do whatever else it is that teams do. Team players can really benefit from the social aspect of the wall. It’s a great way to build that camaraderie that every winning team needs!

The team wall is also an informational tool. Team Captains can easily get in touch with their players and use the wall to communicate team-wide messages. For example, they can remind players to pay their fees, give alerts on game delays, or ask for a head count before an important game. Players can stay on top of their team chatter by electing to get email notifications whenever a post is made.

Players can choose to share their posts on Facebook, or they can make their posts private (only teammates can view). Additionally, admins don’t have the ability to post to team walls. This makes the team wall all the more intimate and personal for only teammates to share (no cameras allowed!).


Let us know how you’re utilizing the LeagueApps Wall feature. We love feedback. We’re available if you have any questions, issues, or suggestions. Hit up Asaf at 646-660-9430 or at


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