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5 Ways to Customize Your LeagueApps Homepage

Best Practices, Feature Highlight, Value of LeagueApps

The LeagueApps team are firm believers in the “Look good feel good play good” mantra. We think the statement translates to website homepages too. Your homepage is the first thing people see, so it is important to leave a lasting impression. Besides being a good place to show off your league to new potential members, your homepage can be a source of information for current members to easily access. Additionally, having good homepage content is essential for SEO strategy.

The LeagueApps Theme and content editors make it easy to design your homepage the way you like it. To add content to your homepage, go to the “Content” tab in your console, then click on “Pages > Homepage”  (more on Creating Content Pages here).

Here are 5 things you can add to your homepage to jazz it up:


1) Share Registration and Schedule Information

Your homepage is a great place to share league information with your players. Just grab a widget from your LeagueApps console. The Registration Listings widget is a good one to add to your homepage because it allows your members to start the registration process with just one click.

Click here for tips on integrating your widgets.

Rockville Athletics Sports League has a widget that gives players easy access to all of the Schedules and Standings.


2. Information Center

Use your homepage as a hub for your organization’s news and announcements. Leagues often post game highlights on their homepage, as well as cancellations and postponements.

Q-Sports Leagues recaps their season and pays tribute to the league champions.


3. Personalize your Theme

Use the LeagueApps Theme Editor to control your colors, fonts, and homepage images. You can really set the tone by establishing a consistent theme that characterizes your league or organization.

All City Athletics has a city landscape header and a hardwood floor background image that truly reflects what they are all about.


4) Countdown

Add a countdown widget to inform your players when the next season or highly-anticipated event starts.

Philadelphia Sports Network has a Countdown Widget that counts down the time till their Winter Registration begins.

5) Social Plug-ins

Adding social plug-ins to your homepage is an easy way to grow your social networking fan base and keep your members engaged.

Denver Pirate Leagues has a Facebook Activity Feed and a Twitter profile plugin on their homepage.


These are just a few examples of ways you can liven up your homepage.  Reach out if you would like help creating a cool homepage through LeagueApps.


LeagueApps Practice Drills

Best Practices, Feature Highlight, Value of LeagueApps

Coaches always stress the importance of preparation and as many of you leagues out there know, “Practice Makes Perfect.”  Well we here at LeagueApps have taken that concept and made even more improvements to the LeagueApps experience.  For those of you unfamiliar with our platform, you will now find two separate practice drills when logging into the LeagueApps console.  The immediate benefit of going thru these drills is that you can explore all of the major features we have to offer in just a few short clicks.


We also want to introduce you to our lovely new team member, “LeagueApps Lindsay” who will coach you through the drills.


  • Explore a Sample Program – This drill lets you walk through a live program. You’ll get to see all the behind the scene actions for creating a program.


  • Get to know LeagueApps – The second drill gives you a highlight reel of the LeagueApps platform and all the features we have to offer.


Clicking through a drill will give you a good feel for LeagueApps and how flexible it is to meet all your league management needs. If you have any suggestions for future practice drills you would like to see, do let us know.

In addition to these practice drills, we offer FREE live demos of our platform at your convenience.  For any questions, comments, or feedback please feel free to contact our LeagueApps marketing manager or at 646-660-9410.


How to Allow Teammate Requests on LeagueApps

Feature Highlight, Value of LeagueApps

Part of the fun of joining a league is playing alongside your friends. Every rec sports superstar wants to form that Jordan/Pippen-esque 1-2 punch combo with his or her buddy.

You can easily handle teammate requests on LeagueApps with our Registration Form Fields. The best way to do so is by adding a custom form field for “Teammate Requests”. This field lets a registered player provide the contact information of any other player(s), thus giving your members the chance to signup for a team with one or more people of their choosing. The system collects this information during registration, and all you then have to do is make sure each requested pair or group of players is placed on the same team.

Click here for instructions on how to move players in a league.

Read our Help Doc for an in-depth look at how to customize registration forms.

We are thinking about ways to add a “groups” feature in the future. If you have feedback or suggestions on how that can work, please reach out.



5 Ways to promote your Rec Sports Organization on Facebook

Best Practices, Product News, Rec, Value of LeagueApps

Facebook can be a great tool for rec league organizers. One thing we have noticed is how many rec leagues are utilizing Facebook for their businesses. Here are some ways to promote your leagues and activities and communicate with your members through your organization’s Facebook page.


1) League Announcements
Use your Facebook page to announce a new season, game cancellation, promos, or to help fill out roster spots in any of your leagues.

2) Events
Create “Events” for your tournaments, events, and league outings.

3) Photos and Videos
Upload photos and videos from league games and activities.

4) Communicate with your Players
Connect with players who want to reach out to you. Answer their inquiries, spark dialogue between teams, and make your members feel heard!

5) Shout-outs
Pay a loyal member tribute by wishing them happy birthday or recapping their team’s incredible performance from the other night.


Click here for tips on Facebook marketing and ways to increase your Facebook fan base.


The LeagueApps team is constantly thinking of ways to integrate Facebook into our platform. Stay tuned, and hit us up if you would like to talk Facebook with us!



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