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Feature Highlight: Discount Codes

Feature Highlight, Product News, Value of LeagueApps

We made some improvements to the Discount Codes feature. It should be a lot more useful now!

One of the main additions is support for “universal” discount codes, which are discount codes that can be used for any program as opposed to just a single program. You can access your universal discount codes under “Manage > Discount Codes” in your Manager Console. See below screenshot.

Here’s a quick overview of the Discount Codes feature:

Types of Discount Codes

You can create two types of discount codes:

(a) Universal discount codes apply to ANY program. Go to “Manage > Discount Codes” to manage these.

(b) Program-specific discount codes apply to ONLY a single program. Under the “Manage” tab, go to a specific program, and then in that program’s context menu, hover over the “Settings” tab to see the “Discount Codes” option (see inset screenshot).

Creating Discount Codes

When creating a discount code, the most important properties are the following:

  • Code: This is the actual code that registrants will enter into the registration form in order to redeem the discount. You will need to send this code to those people receiving the discount.
  • Value & Unit: This is the dollar amount or percentage of the discount you are offering. For example, a discount may be for $5 off, or it may be for 10% off.
  • Redemption Limit: This optional property allows you to specify the maximum number of times the discount code can be redeemed. For example, if you set this to 10, then only 10 discounts will be applied.
  • Expiration Date: This optional property allows you to set a deadline date after which the discount code can no longer be redeemed.

Once you create a new discount code, it is immediately live and redeemable.

Distributing, Redeeming and Discontinuing Discount Codes

Once you’ve created a new discount code, you can distribute the “code” to desired people. Go to the appropriate discount codes listings page (universal or program-specific), and “copy” the code (see inset image). You can then email this “code” to people or include in marketing materials etc.

People can redeem discount codes during the registration process. The program registration page includes a discount code entry box if there are any live codes tied to that program. As people redeem each discount code, you can see the redemption count in the console, on the listing view (mentioned above).

Discount codes are automatically discontinued once the defined limit is reached: either maximum number of redemptions and/or the expiration date has passed. If you want to manually discontinue a discount code before the natural limit is reached, you can edit the properties and retro-set the expiration date or redemption limit.

Discount codes are a great way to reward loyal members and to support marketing programs. We hope this feature helps you develop better relationships with your members, and support promotions.

As always, please share your feedback!

Updates to Messaging, Payments, and More

Product News, Release Notes

Here’s an overview of a few improvements we made to the product. We hope these help make your life a little bit easier!


We made a few much requested improvements to the messaging tool (which seems to be a popular feature):

  • Filtering by payment status now allows you to filter by participants who have fully paid, as well as those who still owe fees.
  • You can now filter by registration status, including Reserved, Pending, and Waiting List.
  • Fixed browser-specific issues with the email editor, in which line breaks were being ignored in Firefox.
  • Improved the performance and operation of bulk mail sending algorithm (laying the groundwork for bigger things to come).

Registration Payments Related

  • Added the ability to manage your list of accepted credit cards. This enables you to properly accept only the credit cards that your gateway / merchant account is setup to process. Check with your gateway / merchant account to confirm which cards you can accept. To access this feature in the LeagueApps console, go to “Manage Account > Merchant Services”
  • Added support for “universal” discount codes, which can be redeemed on *any* program. Very useful if you want to offer blanket discounts.

And a couple more…

  • Added count displays into key league management pages (we know, it wasn’t there yet!), including these pages: Manage Your Leagues (league listing), League Players listing, and League Teams listing. No need to manually count anymore :)
  • We added a couple cool new sports: 3D Dodgeball and Beer Pong. Let us know of any others to add!

That’s it for today. Let us know what questions you have!

Schedule Generator Team Matchups

Company News, Product News

We pushed out a tweak to the Schedule Generator which ensures that team matchups are balanced properly. There was a glitch causing some “repeat” games to be added, in which the same two teams were playing each other too often.

Feel free to send any other feedback about the Schedule Generator.


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