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The LeagueApps Hoops Team Supports New England Basketball Tournaments Over The Weekend

Company News, Hoops, LeagueApps Team, Sports Community, Value of LeagueApps

The LeagueApps Hoops team had a chance to spend some time at a couple New England basketball tournaments this past weekend.

Enterprise Sales Executive Michael Scott and Basketball Partnership Consultant Nick Sutedjo were at both the 3rd Annual Fall Hoops tourney hosted by our partners from ASA Hoops, as well as Zero Gravity’s NERR Northeast Hoop Festival. The two tournaments gave the LeagueApps Hoops team a great opportunity to reconnect with partners, forge new relationships, and be on-site to assist in any way they can.

“The New England basketball scene is a pretty tight knit community. Relationship building is extremely important. It was cool to see how many tournaments were being held by different people,” Nick said.

The ASA Tourney and ZG Hoop Festival are two of the most premier fall basketball events in the New England area. With hundreds in attendance at these tournaments, a lot of the hard-working organizers and volunteers sometimes need an extra hand. Michael Scott was eager to help set up on Saturday with ASA.

Tournaments and events like these are a great way for our partners to showcase their organizations. Both ASA Hoops and Zero Gravity received high praise from participants throughout the weekend and after.

“It was great to see that much organized basketball being played at the younger ages. It’s definitely different from when I was a kid growing up, when we just played pick-up in the park or for the church team,” Michael said.

He continued. “You can see the effect that an athlete like Steph Curry has on the younger kids by the amount of three pointers taken or 7-year-olds trying to do a euro step instead of just finishing with the left. My support guys out to the coaches trying to get these young kids just to learn the basic fundamentals.” Michael said.

Nick and Michael were on hand to see both partners Evolution (EVO) Hoops and Rise Above chalk up wins on an amazing 8 court facility in Hanover, dubbed “The U.” EVO actually took home three championships over the weekend!

As an added bonus, new partner Central Mass Swarm pulled out a W as well.

One of the highlights had to be when High Hoops Director Dean Hirtle invited Michael and Nick to help in skills training at The Hab. The young athletes of the High Hoops Elite Skills Clinic were more than happy to get some advice from the veteran basketball players.

Michael was happy to help teach the fundamentals.

Click here to find out how the LeagueApps Hoops team can support you at your next tournament or event. Or, call the number below to see how you can get started.

Team Esface Athletics Is Changing The Game of Youth Basketball

Best Practices, Company News, Sports Community, Value of LeagueApps

October 2016 Partner SportsDog Award: Team Esface

SportsDog Value: Student of the Game

Award Winners: Oladele Sobomehin, Olatunde Sobomehin, and Carlos Villicana

Previous Winner: Rich Klares of Go Big Sports

Team Esface Athletics is changing the game of youth basketball.

Founded by brothers Oladele and Olatunde Sobomehin, Esface has evolved from a clothing company, to an entertainment and marketing agency, to now one of the most premier youth basketball programs on the West Coast.

Before that all started, Olatunde was the first walk-on to the Stanford Basketball program. He played under Mike Montgomery during the 2002-03 season and was voted Most Inspirational by his teammates.

After his playing days, Olatunde and his brother Oladele teamed up to start Esface. It started as a clothing company, evolved into an entertainment agency, and is now Team Esface Athletics and Basketball. The youth basketball program consists of skills development training programs, AAU teams, camps, clinics, and tournaments. They are based out of Palo Alto, California.

In the upcoming year, Team Esface will service between 800-1,000 youth basketball players throughout their programs. The staff is always looking to develop partnerships and learn more about how they can improve not just the skills of youth basketball players, but their quality of life as well.

One way they’re doing that is by teaming up with Lucid. Carlos Villicana, Director of Basketball Operations for Esface, explained a little more about the partnership.

“Lucid is a renown sports psychology company that trains a lot of NFL and NBA athletes. One of the ways we’re excited about working with them is how they can really help make our coaches more well-rounded. In turn, this will ensure our athletes are seeing development in the mind, which in turn will lead to on-the-court development.”

He continued. “You want to follow steps in coaching. Control your controllables- attitude, effort, and focus. It’s not about how many points or rebounds you record, but how you feel at the end of the game. That’s what we’re teaching.”

This fall they launched the ReaLeague, a fall basketball program dedicated to the development of the youth athlete through skills, IQ, style, and coach interaction. Carlos is excited about this new Bay Area community initiative.

“The ReaLeague consists of 300-400 young athletes that is based around the idea of attacking your weaknesses. First, we have the kid identify what his or her weaknesses are. Then, we create smart goals surrounding those weaknesses.”

Everything that Team Esface does is methodical. From creating amazing YouTube videos, to running off-season training camps, to implementing sports psychology in developmental leagues, everything the staff decides to do all comes back to their mission.

“Our mission is to develop athletes through the mind, the body, and the skill. It’s impossible to have the third without completely realizing the potential of the first two. That’s what makes Esface different,” Carlos said.


A photo posted by Team Esface Basketball Academy (@teamesface) on

Esface’s ReaLeague has seen amazing feedback from both parents and athletes. Carlos understands the capability of the power of the mind and how it relates on the court.

“Kids are so afraid of failing or not meeting their goals that sometimes this can led to frustration. We have a saying here. ‘Failure is necessary to succeed.’ And one of our plays that we have for our mental strategy coaching is to get that through early and often.”

Carlos admits that it’s fun to see when that idea finally gets through to players. “When you see that risk and that breakthrough on the court, it’s just the most amazing feedback you can get from a visual standpoint.”

This holistic approach to basketball is rather new. However, it has seen Team Esface Athletics and Basketball rise to new heights.

“LeagueApps has been amazing over the past year. We’re spreading out to San Jose, the North Bay area, and some other locations as well. LeagueApps has been a big part of that.”

Carlos, Oladele and Olatunde have made a point to continue to learn from anyone on how to grow the game of basketball. True Students of the Game.

Contact the administrative staff if you have any questions for Team Esface.

5 Ways Sports Management Software Can Help Implement NBA and USA Basketball Guidelines [infographic]

Best Practices, Hoops, Sports Community

Basketball is the most popular youth sport in the country. In 2015-16, there were 9.8 million boys and girls that participated, according to the Sport and Fitness Industry Association.

Youth basketball remains strong in the country. However, there is historically been a lack of organizational structure at the grassroots level.

The NBA and USA Basketball have come together to develop the first-ever national guidelines for youth basketball. These guidelines have been developed by leading experts to promote player health and wellness, on-court skill development, and a lifelong love for the game of basketball.

LeagueApps endorses the NBA and USA Basketball’s healthy guidelines. With better sports management software and technology, basketball organizers can easily implement these guidelines and start securing the future of youth basketball. With easy-to-use communication, registration, and scheduling tools, more short- and long-term injuries of youth basketball players can be prevented, ensuring more life-long ball players and fans.

Here are 5 ways sports management software and technology can help implement the NBA and USA Basketball guidelines and decrease the number of injuries to youth athletes.




The One Thing All Lacrosse Coaches and Organizers Need To Do

Best Practices, Lax, Sports Community

Former Major League Lacrosse player Chris Rotelli has one major tip for all lacrosse coaches and organizers out there.

“You gotta be able to evolve, man.”

In 2003, Chris led his Virginia Cavaliers to the NCAA Championship while capturing the Tewaaraton Trophy as the nation’s top lacrosse player. He was also awarded the McLaughlin Award as the nation’s best midfielder, the ACC Player of the Year, and was a first team All-American. He has since been named to four MLL All-Star teams.

But if you ask Chris, it’s the work he is doing with ADVNC Lacrosse in northern California that he is most proud of. After starting other youth lacrosse initiatives to grow the game in the state, Chris founded ADVNC in 2012.

Chris and ADVNC joined with LeagueApps in early 2016.

He had “an itch” to move to California in 2004. Over the last 12 years, he has seen the game grow exponentially in the state. Now, there are much more players and they are much more talented. And like players from his home state of Rhode Island, California players have something to prove.

“It’s like we all have a chip on our shoulder,” he said.

Growing up in Rhode Island, I was always told that only people from Baltimore or Long Island got to play at the top programs. It’s the same here. When lacrosse programs think ‘hotbeds,’ they don’t think of California. The players love playing with that chip.

Aside from the overall growth in numbers, Chris has noticed that the game has changed in another way since his college days in 2003.

“The game has changed and evolved. Suddenly, you see a lot more picking, which looks a lot like basketball and indoor lacrosse.”

There was less of that when I played. Defenses are better. Teams are better. It’s way harder to beat someone one-on-one now so you have to use the team. Whereas 10 years ago you had one guy scoring all the goals, now you have a lot more guys that are capable. It really makes the game more fun as a fan, but a little more challenging for coaches.

Chris and ADVNC know what it takes to evolve. Since 2012, nearly 90% of all players that play through ADVNC have gone on to play at the college level. To put that in perspective, roughly 13% of all high school lacrosse players continue to play in college.

“We are constantly learning and evolving as the game has evolved. As we teach our players on how to improve, we ourselves have to improve and learn. We then teach our coaches these new drills and philosophies.”

Chris and his staff recently created the ADVNC Training System in order to create the ideal learning environment for young athletes. ATS consists of up-tempo practices designed to increase awareness, decision-making, athleticism, and overall enjoyment of the game.

“The game has changed a lot in the last five years. You gotta be able to evolve,” he said. “We’re pretty excited to evolve with LeagueApps as well!”

This Volleyball Club Has Figured Out How To Get Athletes To College At A High Rate

Press, Sports Community

During the 2014-15 academic school year, an estimated 6.2% of the 429,634 female high school volleyball players throughout the country went on to play volleyball at the college level. One in sixteen female volleyball players will go on to play at the collegiate level.

That year, sixteen females from the Carolina Union Volleyball Club committed to playing at the next level, good enough for nearly 30% of all their athletes that year. During a three year span, 43 of their female athletes have committed to play at the collegiate level.

And with the way our volleyball partners from Charlotte have been able to scale and grow over the last decade- they now consist of 30 teams that offer five levels of play in their own facilities- they will continue to be industry leaders in giving young athletes the opportunity to compete at a higher level.

John Brannon, Director of Carolina Union, says the secret is actually a lot easier said than done.

“It’s all about finding the right fit for the athletes,” he said. “There’s more to it than that, but the process all starts and ends with finding the right fit. What may work for one athlete, may not work for another.”

That “right fit” includes what is most important to the athlete, whether that be academic pursuits, athletics goals, or even campus life. John and his staff work with the kids to figure out what is best for them.

Congratulations to Maddie Grace Hough for committing to be a Carolina Tarheel!

A photo posted by Carolina Union Volleyball Club (@carolinauvc) on

As a former college and high school volleyball coach in the state, John has been able to form strong relationships with numerous collegiate coaches throughout the region and the nation. He’s also able to build relationships from scratch through another unique procedure: surrounding himself with smart people.

“I like being surrounded by smart people. It just makes the entire process so much easier than it needs to be.”

Those smart people are some of the most experienced volleyball coaches in the region. The Carolina Union coaching staff has combined over 40 years of collegiate coaching experience. Their connections and extensive knowledge of the recruiting side of the game is something that John considers “invaluable.”

Another good portion of those smart people are Union alumni themselves. According to Tara Spurgeon, Club Administrator and Travel Coordinator, five former players are now coaches themselves.

“We really are a family here. We treat each other like family because we are one big one,” Tara said.

The club’s Instagram account features several pictures of weddings, trips, marriage proposals, and newborns just entering the world. It’s almost like a digital family photo album.

We weren't kidding….this club is a big FAMILY!!! Congrats to Nic and Taylor!!

A photo posted by Carolina Union Volleyball Club (@carolinauvc) on

“From the moment they sign up, they will forever be a part of this family. I think that’s part of the reason a lot of the girls come back and help out whenever they can- whether it’s for one practice on their spring break or as a full time coach.”

Tara has seen Carolina Union grow at an incredible rate since she became a part of the program.

“When I joined [Carolina Union] in 2007, ’08, there were between six and eight teams. We shared facilities with a basketball program up until 2011. Now we’re at 30 teams, including a new boys team, as well as our own facilities.”

Tara understand the importance of technology in growing her program, but she also has a quick word of advice on growing your sports program.

“We have an amazing coaching staff, we have amazing people in the program, and we have amazing players. It really makes it easy when you have the right people so that things like growth and recruiting are really the by-product.”

That also means they work with the right people.

“My favorite part of LeagueApps is the staff. They’re always there to help me, no matter what I need, and at any time!”

Find the right fit. Surround yourself with smart people.


The Harlem Lacrosse and Leadership Benefit Proves That Impossible Is Nothing

Lax, Press, Sports Community

When you think of Harlem, one of the last things you think about is probably lacrosse. Get ready for that to change.

The Harlem Lacrosse and Leadership program is literally doing the impossible. And the program is showing no signs of slowing down.

Harlem Lacrosse’s mission is to empower the children who are most at risk for academic decline and dropout to rise above their challenges and reach their full potential. Harlem Lacrosse inspires children to dream about tomorrow while working hard on the field and in the classroom today.

In just five years, the program has expanded from one team of 20 students into 11 programs stretching across three cities, from Harlem to Boston to Baltimore, and now includes over 550 boys and girls. HLL students have maintained a 100% on-time middle-school graduation rate, have passed their classes at a rate 20% higher than that of their peers at their schools, and have earned over $15 million scholarship offers to independent schools and colleges.

Now we're really here! #harlemlacrosse2016benefit

A photo posted by Harlem Lacrosse (@harlemlacrosse) on

Vice President of Sales Cameron Goldberg and Enterprise Sales Executive Roy Kohli were lucky enough to attend last week’s HLL annual benefit. Suddenly, that event’s ticket is harder to get than a Yankees box row seat.

The event attracted some top names in sport, including ESPN Anchor and Master of Ceremonies Lisa Kerney, Mike Jones, the Thompson Brothers, and several of the top lacrosse coaches on the East Coast.

“To see the things they’ve been able to accomplish, not just on the field but off as well, in such a short time is truly inspirational,” Cameron said.

On the field, the HLL program is attracting top Major League Lacrosse talent like Drew Snider. Off the field, the HLL students are some of the top students in their class. The below graphic shows that since 2013, HLL students are in the top of their class in the four core subjects.

Read the full impact report on the Harlem Lacrosse and Leadership program.

The LeagueApps team is excited to see just how far the Harlem Lacrosse and Leadership program can go in another five years.


National Gay Flag Football League Amps Up For Gay Bowl XVI In Nation’s Capital

Company News, Rec, Sports Community, Value of LeagueApps

This weekend, over 940 players from 48 teams, 22 cities, and two countries will compete in the nation’s premier LGBT flag football tournament. And for the first time ever in its now 16 year history, the Gay Bowl will be played in Washington, D.C.

Jared Garduno, Commissioner of the National Gay Flag Football League (NGFFL), is excited to share this unique experience with all the new participants and old friends.

“This is a very unique site for us. For me, as a player, you can see where the LGBTQ movement has grown through my life. But also we’re going to be able to play freely and openly right there on our nation’s capital. I hope that everyone takes the time to, or a moment to realize just how fortunate we are and to be able to embrace this moment.”

Founded in 2002, the National Gay Flag Football League seeks to promote the positive social and athletic enjoyment of American Flag Football. The NGFFL creates a place where LGBTQ participants and their allies are safe to place the sport they love.

“For our LGBTQ members and our allies, it’s a place that brings people together and breaks down barriers.”

But it goes beyond that. Jared knows that although the league was founded as a safe-haven for athletes, the NGFFL is so much more than that.

“It’s so much more after the games are done. When we started, we were all very big into the social events after games. Local restaurants, bars were eager to help in fundraising and hosting events. There was a big social aspect to it,” Jared said.

Now, there’s still a big social aspect, but it involves players’ families, spouses, and children. “Most of us are lucky enough to have children now.”

Since 2002, the NGFFL has grown from three teams in one city, to leagues spanning from the Hawaiian islands to Florida, including new teams and leagues in Austin, Cincinnati, and Seattle. They’ve also expanded into Toronto now as well.

“As a commissioner, to see the growth of not just the league but also the teams and the players, it’s really something,” Jared said. “We’ll also be celebrating the fifth year anniversary of the women’s division. As a participant, it’s a great chance to see all your friends and everyone from around the country. There’s going to be a lot of hugs and love.”

We’re in our first year with you and we couldn’t be happier. I’m really excited for next year when all this information can transfer from not only the previous year but also to the next city. You guys were really heaven-sent!
Jared Garduno

This weekend, fans and participants will be rewarded with the NGFFL’s sixth and largest class inducted into the Hall of Fame. Participants have to play for seven years as well as serve at the local level by making a big impact on local leagues, the national bowls, and, of course, display excellence on the field.

LeagueApps is happy to be a part of something so special for so many.

“We’re in our first year with you and we couldn’t be happier. I’m really excited for next year when all this information can transfer from not only the previous year but also to the next city- Chicago used it for their tournaments a few months ago- everybody is getting used to that. It does wonders for us from a liability standpoint and have all the waviers lined up, it’s just so helpful.

“And you guys really came through in a pinch earlier this year when another partner backed out hours before our season started. If not for your system, we’d be scrambling on what the heck we’d be doing. You guys were really heaven-sent in the fact that we were able to communicate to 900 plus people on scores and schedules and all that other information.

“I couldn’t be thankful enough for you guys!”

Read more about the Gay Bowl and the great events in store this weekend.


LeagueApps Family Night Takes A Page Out Of The Sports Organizer’s Book

Company News, LeagueApps Team, Press

The LeagueApps NYC office was brewing with excitement recently. Motivated by our partners and family-oriented sports organizers, LeagueApps hosted an exclusive Family Night in which friends, families, and loved ones were invited to a celebration of all they do for us.

Even for a forward-thinking tech company, this was quite the new idea.

“Family Night is a chance to meet our extended family at LeagueApps. We believe that everyone that works at LeagueApps is a part of a family- we’re all part of a communal effort to make a difference,” President Jeremy Goldberg said.

He continued. “The purpose of family night is to help the people that matter most to people that work here. Help them understand what we do at LeagueApps, why we do it, and how we do it with. I also think it’s a chance for us to demonstrate how much we appreciate them being part of this journey- that they’re part of this extended family that is trying to change the world of youth sports and make an impact.”

From Little Leagues in California and Texas, to basketball programs in Missouri and lacrosse clubs in Virginia, we know families are supporting sports organizers and their youth athletes every day. A sports program is much like a family in and of itself as well, as the leaders and organizers appreciate their families for being a special part of their impact on local sports communities.

The event played out much like an end-of-season celebration thrown by one of our partners, in more ways than one. Aside from the obvious comparison that parents attended to cheer on their kids on the LeagueApps field, the celebration also consisted of a trophy presentation.

Though most of the night was spent socializing, the main highlight was the award presentation to the LeagueApps Sales Development Leader and mentor to many of us at LeagueApps, Joe Gangone. Joe won the first ever Family Award from CEO Brian Litvack and President Jeremy Goldberg.

“Joe has been so instrumental in what we have done here. He is the embodiment of this- family night is part of the spirit he represents,” Jeremy said. Joe’s passion and love for LeagueApps and the LeagueApps family is pretty clear every day he steps in to LeagueApps headquarters, especially with his speeches.

“For anybody that is a mother or father here tonight, the number one thing you always think about is how good is my kid. Whether you send them to school or send them our way. Being with these two [Brian and Jeremy] for so long and seeing your kids every day, let me tell you, they’re great and they’re in a great position,” Joe said.

“How many other companies that you know of would do something like this,” he asked.

Work with the exclusive LeagueApps family that is helping today’s organizers shape the sports of tomorrow.

Parents, kids, friends, significant others all helped make the event a rousing success. Howard Litvack seemed to agree.

“It was terrific. Great idea bringing everybody together.”

See the highlights from Family Night on our Facebook page.

PUMP and Pittsburgh Sports League Celebrate 20 Years of Revitalizing the Steel City [Infographic]

Press, Rec, Value of LeagueApps

For 20 years, the Pittsburgh Urban Magnet Project (PUMP) has been dedicated to make Pittsburgh the most dynamic and diverse place by engaging, educating, and mobilizing all young people to effect change in the community.

Tonight, they’ll be hosting a celebration of two decades of making that mission come to life.

PUMP was founded at a time when the Steel City was losing a lot of young professional to other areas such as New York City, Baltimore, or Washington, D.C. Now, Pittsburgh is a city that boasts of a solid medical and technological industry where hundreds of thousands of young professionals call home.

The Pittsburgh Sports League (PSL) was launched five years after PUMP was founded. Greg Mitrik, PSL Director, recognized the need to have a social activity league in a city that loves sports.

“After five years, we were looking at more social ways to engage young professionals. This city loves its sports, so it made sense.”

The importance of social leagues goes beyond the sports.

“It’s not just about running around the bases. Whether someone is out to win a kickball game, they’re socializing with friends, meeting new networks, meeting with their significant others, or giving back to local bars and restaurants,” Greg said.

Pittsburgh Sports League and LeagueApps have teamed together for over three years. LeagueApps knows how important it is for local communities to rally around young professional social leagues. Below shows just how much PSL has grown and what it means to the community.

The Growth of PSL


LeagueApps is excited for the next 20 years of continued leadership by both Greg and the PUMP organization in the Pittsburgh community. “We look forward to working more in how we can help through developing Pittsburgh’s infrastructure, education, transportation, health and wellness, however we can to continue to grow this great city.”

Learn more about how you can help PUMP revitalize the Steel City.


Run Your Sports Organization At Your Fingertips

Feature Highlight, Product News, Release Notes, Value of LeagueApps

Do you need to easily send an email or text at the field from your phone? Do you wish you could search for a player or coach at the court from a mobile device? Do you want to quickly view a team roster or schedule without being at your desk?

We’re excited to announce that admins can access LeagueApps on a mobile device easier than ever! Not only can your members register and use their account on a mobile device, admins can perform day to day tasks on mobile with ease. Some of our most popular admin tools have a new completely mobile optimized view – no pinching, zooming or tilting needed.

Let’s take a closer look at what we’ve updated:



A mobile version of your site’s program summary and a list of your top programs are featured on the mobile dashboard. You can also use the menu in the top left and the search in the top right to get where you need to go quickly.




The same new auto-complete search that we just introduced on desktop is also available on mobile – save yourself some taps by using the search!

View Member

Search for a player, coach or participant and quickly pull up their contact and registration info – great for time sensitive situations!


View Team

Need to check a roster before the game starts? Easily view all players and their waiver status from the team view.




View and Pay Invoice

Search for an invoice, then you can take a credit card or take an offline payment right from your phone.


View Schedule and Enter Scores

Quickly see your program’s schedules and even enter game results.


Email and Text

The same messaging tool you’re used to on desktop is now mobile optimized. Send a text and/or email from your phone when you’re away from your desk.

Great, How Do I Use It?

We’re having a limited early release in the next couple of weeks before it’s available to all LeagueApps admins. Please contact us at if you’d like to be a part of our early release beta program.

Also on Thursday October 13th @ 3pm EDT we’ll also be hosting a free live webinar to walk through the functionality. Click here to sign up!



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