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Hitting the Glove: What It Means To The LeagueApps Team After OTAs

Company News, LeagueApps Team, Value of LeagueApps


Hit the glove. It’s a phrase that former “Moneyball” pitching coach Rick Peterson used when he visited the LeagueApps office earlier this year.

It was also the theme of our OTAs this past week. This was the 12th OTAs held by the LeagueApps team. You can read about some of our previous OTAs here and why they’re so important.

“Hit the glove” is the expression Rick used to reduce the pressure of lofty outcome goals and keep his pitchers focused on what they can control. By focusing on this simple goal, they are able to avoid being distracted by things outside their control.

As a result, when you hit the glove more often than not, you will set yourself up to achieve larger individual and team goals.

Great. How does a baseball theory fit into LeagueApps OTAs?


The LeagueApps Team Preps For OTAs XII

Company News, LeagueApps Team, Value of LeagueApps

LeagueApps Preps for OTA XII

The LeagueApps team will be out of the office to participate in their semi-annual OTAs. You can read about some of our previous OTAs here.

Though we call it OTAs, other companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, and EA Games have their own brand of team-building activities. Corporate team-building activities are starting to become the norm in the professional world. Even Forbes agrees they are “good for company culture and boosting the bottom line.

One of the best things that we’ve done consistently at OTAs is have open-ended discussions about improving the company for both its employees and our partners. Everyone is pulled from their respective day job and is focused on one goal: building the future of LeagueApps and youth sports.

We’ve come a long way since our first OTAs. Many of our veterans are quick to remember the first being held for one day in a big conference room. There were about 5 people. This week, 60 employees will be traveling to several different locations around the city.

We’ll even be participating in a company wide hackathon. You can read about our latest hackathon here.

Big thanks ahead of time to our partner Cullen Shaw of PlayNYC, the Brooklyn Nets, and Cogent of New York for hosting us over the next few days. Also want to thank the investors and speakers that will be integral in shaping the second half of LeagueApps 2017: Joe Gangone, David Arcara, Jordan Solomon, Nnamdi Okike, Scott Birnbaum, Mike Jacobs, and Abby Levy.

Finally, we’re most excited about the opportunity to be hosting some of our partners for a special town hall event held at the Brooklyn Nets practice facility. Representatives from Sports Force Parks, Sportika Hoop Nation, Basketball City, Connecticut Dodgers, Manhattan Kickers, and NYC Footy will be sharing some knowledge and best practices around delivering amazing sports experiences to their customers.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up to date with all the fun!

Even though we will be out of the office, we will still have the necessary support for our partners. If you have an issue, please email

3 Reasons Your Sports Program’s Website Absolutely Must Be Mobile Optimized

Best Practices, Value of LeagueApps

“Do I really need a mobile website for my sports program?”

You’ve probably asked yourself that recently. Maybe even today. You might even be waiting for the right moment in the future to redesign your mobile site.

The fact is that smartphones are fast becoming the preferred method of internet access. And if you haven’t upgraded your website to be mobile optimized or friendly, you need to get one soon.

Here are 3 quick reasons your program’s website absolutely must be mobile optimized.


Use LeagueApps Connect to Sync All Your Software

Product News, Tech Specs, Value of LeagueApps




The technology needs of sport organizers and participants are becoming more and more advanced. At LeagueApps we believe in an open platform that can easily connect with other Apps and services, making it easier for our partners to operate their businesses and provide unforgettable experiences both on the field, and online.

MailChimp now connects with LeagueApps!

We are excited to offer a pre-built (beta-stage) MailChimp integration which can be set up with just a few clicks thanks to Zapier. This integration leverages LeagueApps Member and Registration data to automatically sync contacts with your segmented email marketing lists. Eliminate time spent on exporting and importing lists and never worry about a coach, parent or player missing an email, ever again!


FundPlay: 3 Ways LeagueApps is Funding Fun Play

Company News, LeagueApps Team, Sports Community, Value of LeagueApps
Credit: @FutureChampsU17 on Twitter

Credit: @FutureChampsU17 on Twitter

This isn’t just a quote on the wall at LeagueApps, it is a foundational part of our mission to make sports happen. Everything we do is part of our goal to ensure that everyone everywhere has access to great sports experiences.

To fulfill that mission, LeagueApps has launched FundPlay. FundPlay is a LeagueApps initiative and the actionable manifestation of LeagueApps’ mission to “make sports happen.” The goal is to provide opportunities for memorable sports experiences to children who don’t have access to the best sports and educational resources.

FundPlay strives to make sports happen by partnering with like-minded 501(c)(3) organizations like Rally Cap Sports, Positive Coaching Alliance, and Volo City Kids. In fact, nearly 30% of all LeagueApps’ partners are non-profit organizations with 501(c)3 status.

“FundPlay is weaved into the fabric of LeagueApps’ being,” says LeagueApps President Jeremy Goldberg. “This is an initiative that everyone in the company participates in, and takes pride in. We believe we can improve youth sports and can effect positive change. FundPlay is part of our focused effort to accomplish that.”

FundPlay was in part inspired by the great work that the Aspen Institute’s Sports & Society Program does through their Project Play initiative, providing leaders with the guidance to help build healthy communities through sport.

“Youth sports should be accessible to all kids, regardless of zip code or ability,” said Project Play Executive Director Tom Farrey in a previous interview with Forbes. “There is a great demand for solutions and partnership, and we welcome any initiative that can be a change agent in youth sports access and opportunity.”

There are three pillars that constitute FundPlay, and all will have a role to achieve positive change.


LeagueApps Lax Partners Well Represented at Long Island Lax Fest

Company News, Lax, LeagueApps Team, Sports Community

Over the years, the LI Lax Fest has grown into one of the largest tournaments in the nation. Teams from all regions of North America come to play in a festive and competitive atmosphere over the course of two days. It’s hosted every year by LeagueApps Lax partner George Breres and My Lacrosse Tournaments.

College coaches have also taken note of the abundant amount of talent that takes the field annually as the LI Lax Fest hosts an average of well over 100 college coaches to check out potential future college athletes.

The LeagueApps Lax team was on-site to share the experience with our partners.

About 300 boys and girls teams participated in this year’s tournament. Several of LeagueApps Lax partners made the trek out to LI Lax Fest, including Team 91 Lacrosse, HGR, Long Island Express, and Long Island Empire, among others. The entire event was powered and hosted by LeagueApps.


How Nassau Pride Delivers Affordable AAU Experiences to the Long Island Community

Hoops, Sports Community
Credit: Nassau Pride Facebook

Credit: Nassau Pride Facebook

Sports Organization of the Month: May

Nassau Pride is a Long Island based AAU basketball organization. The program was founded in 2012 with the focus of providing affordable AAU experiences to the Hicksville, Bethpage, Westbury, and Levittown areas.

“At the time, it was becoming apparent that local AAU teams charged close to $1200 per season to practice and play competitive basketball,” boys fifth-grade head coach Anthony Diaz said. “So, when we founded the Pride, we eliminated certain payments to the coach.”

It’s with this reason that Anthony and the Nassau Pride were able to make playing basketball more affordable to the Long Island community.

“We figured out that the real cost could be close to or below $300 per season per child,” he added.


3 LeagueApps Time Saving Tools That Help Dynamic Sports Organizers

Best Practices, Lax, Sports Community, Value of LeagueApps
Dynamic Sports Co-President George Breres (right) and Director of Partnerships Roy Kohli

Dynamic President George Breres (right) and Director of Partnerships Roy Kohli

We know from our partners and other sports organizers around the country, whether already established in their community or just beginning the sports entrepreneurial journey, TIME is your most valuable resource.

So clearly it makes sense to save as much of it as possible, and spend it on what matters most to you- delivering world class service and memorable experiences to your players.

Some of the most successful sports organizers and entrepreneurs know that to reach a certain level of success, they have to be experts in time management.

When thinking about being a successful youth sports organizer and expert of time management, former SUNY College of Cortland lacrosse captain and current Co-President of Dynamic Sports Management George Breres comes to mind.

An established leader on the New York sports and recreation scene, he has more than a decade of experience in athletics as a coach, director of operations and manager. He has been Co-President of Dynamic Sports since it was founded in 2010. You can read a few of his accomplishments here.

Dynamic Sports Management is the parent company of LeagueApps Partner Team 91 Lacrosse.

We reached out to George to pick his brain on how he is able to save so much time. Here are his three time-saving tools provided by LeagueApps to help you spend more of your valuable resource how you want.


4 Ways Your Coaches Can Carry Out Your Program’s Mission

Best Practices, Sports Community
Credit: MAVS

Credit: MAVS

You’ve got the perfect mission for your program. But, you’re having trouble getting everyone bought in. Or maybe your coaches aren’t 100% lined up with your goals.

You might be asking yourself, ‘how can I get my staff aligned with my mission?’ To answer that, we reached out to our partners from the MAVS Volleyball program.

The MAVS Volleyball headquarters is in Lenexa, Kansas. The mission is to provide the best training for volleyball players in the entire “Heart of America” region. With over 30 girls and boys teams, as well as dozens of other programs including camps, clinics, private lessons and other leagues, MAVS Volleyball is fulfilling its mission every day.

So, how are they able to keep everyone, from the head staff down to the parents and players, so in tune with their mission? We recently spoke with the 16-1 coach Kelley Bugler to find out those answers.

Below you’ll find four ways Kelley and the coaches of MAVS Volleyball carry out the mission each and every day.


Net Force Gaining Net Growth After Switching To LeagueApps

Sports Community, Value of LeagueApps
Credit: Net Force Volleyball

Credit: Net Force Volleyball

Not long ago, Mike Falk and the Net Force Volleyball Club were using Excel spreadsheets and handwritten forms. Today, they’re seeing record growth with LeagueApps.

“Our organization has grown 30% since using LeagueApps’ products,” Mike said.

Since 1994 Net Force Volleyball Club has been dedicated to providing quality physical and emotional training to young athletes who are interested in learning the skills of volleyball, values of teamwork, responsibility and self-discipline. They are based out of Waukegan, Illinois, just north of Chicago.



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