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Run Your Sports Organization At Your Fingertips

Feature Highlight, Product News, Release Notes, Value of LeagueApps

Do you need to easily send an email or text at the field from your phone? Do you wish you could search for a player or coach at the court from a mobile device? Do you want to quickly view a team roster or schedule without being at your desk?

We’re excited to announce that admins can access LeagueApps on a mobile device easier than ever! Not only can your members register and use their account on a mobile device, admins can perform day to day tasks on mobile with ease. Some of our most popular admin tools have a new completely mobile optimized view – no pinching, zooming or tilting needed.

Let’s take a closer look at what we’ve updated:



A mobile version of your site’s program summary and a list of your top programs are featured on the mobile dashboard. You can also use the menu in the top left and the search in the top right to get where you need to go quickly.




The same new auto-complete search that we just introduced on desktop is also available on mobile – save yourself some taps by using the search!

View Member

Search for a player, coach or participant and quickly pull up their contact and registration info – great for time sensitive situations!


View Team

Need to check a roster before the game starts? Easily view all players and their waiver status from the team view.




View and Pay Invoice

Search for an invoice, then you can take a credit card or take an offline payment right from your phone.


View Schedule and Enter Scores

Quickly see your program’s schedules and even enter game results.


Email and Text

The same messaging tool you’re used to on desktop is now mobile optimized. Send a text and/or email from your phone when you’re away from your desk.

Great, How Do I Use It?

We’re having a limited early release in the next couple of weeks before it’s available to all LeagueApps admins. Please contact us at if you’d like to be a part of our early release beta program.

Also on Thursday October 13th @ 3pm EDT we’ll also be hosting a free live webinar to walk through the functionality. Click here to sign up!


LeagueApps Hosts Another Successful Partner Event During Monday Night Football

Company News, Press, Value of LeagueApps

The competition was fierce. The hits were ferocious. And the losses were deep.

We’re talking, of course, about the vicious Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament during our latest Partner Event.

Hosted by our DC team, the latest Partner Day event combined Monday Night Football, thought leadership, food, drinks, and Rock, Paper, Scissors. The highlight, of course, was the partnerships and relationships, both new and old.

Most of our partners that attended are located in the District of Columbia area. Industry leaders from District Sports, Slam City Basketball, Kickball 365, and Stonewall Charlotte were all on hand to network and forge new relationships.

“The goal of Partner Day was to bring a few of our top local partners together, have them network with one another, and build strong lasting relationships with each one,” LeagueApps account manager Dan Kolomatis said.

“It’s not just about LeagueApps building stronger bonds with our partners, but it’s also about our partners creating lasting relationships with each other.”

Read more about our previous Partner Day events.

The Partner Day events also give us a great opportunity to learn from what our partners are saying about their industry. There’s no better way to learn industry specific news than to hear directly from the sport organizers themselves. It’s part of the reason we are able to continue to create unique features to make the life of every sports organizer simpler.

And if you’re still wondering who won the hard-fought Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament, it was Matt Kemph from Kickball 365. He walked home with a brand new GoPro.

You can read what he and Beth Tapp from Slam City Basketball had to say around the event:

Want to become a LeagueApps partner so you can start spending more time at events and less time on Excel?  Just let us know by submitting us your info below!







Go Big Or Go Home: How One Sports Organizer Built A Winning Team

Press, Sports Community, Value of LeagueApps

September 2016 Partner SportsDog Award: Go Big Sports

SportsDog Value: Teamwork

Award Winner: Rich Klares

Previous Winner: Michele DeJuliis of Ultimate Goal Lacrosse Club

Rich Klares of Go Big Sports grew up as a four-sport athlete in New York. Splitting his time between soccer in the fall, skiing in the winter, lacrosse in the spring, and baseball in the summer, Rich knows playing multiple sports throughout the year made him a better athlete.

His first love, however, is lacrosse. He played baseball all the way through 10th grade until he picked up a lacrosse stick. Since then, lacrosse has been the focal point of his life. His career has taken him from playing lacrosse at the University of Massachussetts, to coaching at the high school and the college levels, to founding Go Big Lacrosse out of his garage in 2013.

Based out of Warrenton, Virginia, Rich and the Go Big team are dedicated to improving youth players’ lacrosse games through training, knowledge, and resources of his camps and clinics. In just a few short years, Rich’s Go Big program has seen so much growth that now Go Big is expanding into football programs as well, hence the name change to Go Big Sports.

Rich has always appreciated the value in playing multiple sports. Not a fan of sport specialization, he has a sense of multi-sport teamwork that the LeagueApps office truly commends. He wants to see more youth athletes play not just Lacrosse, but other sports as well. That’s what multi-sport teamwork means.

But if you ask Rich, it’s his partnership and teamwork with LeagueApps that he truly appreciates. He loves the “all-in-one” platform of LeagueApps that handles everything League Athletics, Active, and some private software solutions failed to handle.

“Every time I’ve had an issue with anything you guys have done, it’s been fixed or addressed, no questions asked,” he said. “How many times have you been to a retail store or restaurant or a business, and you give a suggestion and they say, ‘that’s a great idea?’ And all it is to them is a great idea. It never becomes what makes a part of LeagueApps so successful and me so successful.”

It’s clear that sense of teamwork is evident with Rich even when you talk to him on the phone for the first time. Like any good teammate, Rich is receptive and warm to anyone on his team- be it his kids in his programs, his football coaches, or the LeagueApps team.

His favorite part of the day is working with kids and watching them gain that “ah-ha” moment. That could be something as simple as proper hand positioning on a stick for a brand new player, or watching the offensive approach change on for a seasoned vet. When he sees the light coming on in a young player, he calls it “pure magic.”

“I didn’t get into this business to set up websites. I didn’t do it to create emails. I did it to watch more of those moments. When I deal with LeagueApps, I have more time to deal with more of those ah-ha moments because my life has gotten simpler.”

Two years ago at the NCAA Lacrosse Final Four, he had kids that he coached on every team in Division I, II, and II, save for Tufts University. His programs have worked with LeagueApps investor Paul Rabil and Florida Launch goalie Brett Quenner, to name a few.

Rich got into coaching after September 11, 2001. After losing his father in the South Tower, he was determined to install the values of his father into as many young people as possible. That was his way of getting even. That was his ah-ha moment.

Since that day, Rich has gone full steam into this idea. For months at a time at his previous lacrosse company, he would run the camps all day and then work the men’s league until 11 o’clock at night. His coworkers and teammates would call him the “Iron Man” during these months.

After working with other travel teams and coaching different schools, Rich founded Go Big out of his house in 2013 on a whim. It took years of developing relationships and over a decade of teamwork for his idea to come to fruition. He understands the true value of teamwork and how it can grow himself as a person and his business.

His courage to found the Go Big Sports program is what he is most proud of. This idea has evolved into recruiting, apparel, camps, clinics, and now multi-sports. LeagueApps is excited for our teammate Rich to continue to grow his program and form new relationships as a team.

“You guys get it. You guys understand that if I’m successful, that means you’re successful. I can’t say enough how wonderful it is to be a part a company that really does care about what I have to say.”

Discover how Go Big Sports has grown with LeagueApps.

How Our New Schedule Import Tool Can Make Your Sports Organization Rock Even More

Company News, Press, Product News, Release Notes

The LeagueApps development team did it again.

Following another successful sprint by the product development team, LeagueApps is happy to announce the release of yet another feature that will make your sports organization run even more efficient- schedule import.

The new schedule import tool is faster, more accurate, and less error prone than manually adding games. The schedule can now be built to your requirements and specifications, allowing for more flexibility from season to season. Here’s a step by step guide on how to download and use the schedule import.

Our new schedule import tool is powered by a standard CSV (Comma Separated Value) file format, which you can create easily in Excel. This allows organizers to create and customize their program’s schedules to make them as advanced or specific as possible. It allows you to import your schedule so that updates, game notifications, and reminders are all synced and ready to be sent through our LeagueApps communication features.

Our Director of Product Management, Gautam Chowdhry, knows this is going to be beneficial for all of our partners. “Many organizations use Excel to create schedules, as it offers a good combination of power and flexibility.   Excel has an easy ‘Save as CSV’ option which lets you use your Excel schedule with LeagueApps seamlessly,” he said.

“Other organizations may use a special scheduling software to create their schedules, most of the these programs will have an Export option which too will easily import into LeagueApps.”"

As always, this new feature, like any new feature, is available at absolutely no charge to all of our partners!

Read more about how to import your schedule to sync with LeagueApps tools so you can maximize your value.



LeagueApps Announces A Special Monday Night Football Partner Day

Company News, Press, Sports Community, Value of LeagueApps

LeagueApps is hosting a special Monday Night Football edition for our next Partner Day. And it’s open to everyone- absolutely free!

On Monday, September 12th, the LeagueApps DC team will be hosting some of our partners from the area. Partner Days are a great way to develop relationships with other sports organizers and thought leaders in your area. They’re also a great opportunity to learn more about how LeagueApps can bring extra value to your sports organization.

Our MNF edition will start at 6pm EST at our Arlington, VA office. We’ll have a few introductions before we head to the main event- watching the Washington Redskins take on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

We will also be allotting time slots before that time in case you or your sports organization want to request a one-on-one session with a LeagueApps expert. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about the software you use or to just get to know our awesome team.

Spots are filling up fast so don’t delay in reserving your spot today!


The Top 3 Ways Our Updated Reporting Feature Can Benefit Your Sports Organization

Product News, Release Notes, Tech Specs, Value of LeagueApps

CTO Steve Parker and Director of Product Gautam Chowdhry

One of the most efficient features offered by LeagueApps is our built-in registration reporting tool. With it, organizations are able to generate reports that are crucial to forecast sales, track revenue, and collect other data to help make better and more informed decisions.

With the help of and feedback from some of our partners, the LeagueApps development team pushed through an update of the reporting tool that went live on August 24th.

We came up with a list of three of the top ways your sports organization can benefit from the new and improved updated feature.

We Listen to Our Partners

One of the most important ways to benefit from this recent development upgrade isn’t even anything specifically technical at all. It’s about partnerships. We like to make it a point that we don’t have clients or customers, but partnerships. This is what it means to be a LeagueApps partner.

This improved feature would not have even been possible without the recommendation from several of our partners. As a result, our development team, led by Chief Technology Officer Steve Parker and Director of Product Management Gautam Chowdhry, was able to shift product plans to better suit our partners’ needs and push it live.

It’s easy to recommend a feature for our development team to build.

And, it’s important to remember that new features released by our development team are automatically given to our partners at no extra charge. Because that’s how partners operate.

Faster Access to Deeper Data

Rather than tweak the existing reporting tool, the LeagueApps development team created the technology from scratch to better serve our partners. According to Gautam, “it was rebuilt from the ground up, using new technology. We also drastically improved the performance of it.”

As a result of the new technology, administrators are now able to access even more data at a faster pace. Before the upgrade, some of our larger partners were able to only run reports for no more than a month’s worth of data. Now, all of our partners are able to instantly track data from years back, leading to more efficient and better informed decisions. Trend identifying has never been easier.

Software Engineer Ryan Bulaclac Coding Our Next Feature

Data on Coaches Now Available

The development team is excited to announce that as a part of this product build, reports can now be generated on coaches as well as players and members. This should add another aspect toward running a more efficient sports organization.

We’d like to thank several of our partners for their feedback on the updated registration feature, including:

T3 Lacrosse
NYC Social
Social Boston Sports
Aloha Tournaments
Atlanta Sports and Social
Philadelphia Sports Network

Without their help, this updated feature would not have been made possible so soon!

In order to control the roll-out of this enhancement, we have not made the updated registration report publicly available yet. Please contact to get access now.

5 Ways To Help You Attract Better Coaches For Your Basketball Organization

Best Practices, Hoops, Sports Community, Value of LeagueApps

Basketball organizers are finding that qualified coaches are hard to come by. A lot of our partners, however, are finding success.

We’ve compiled a list of five unique ways our partners are finding better coaches for their basketball programs with the help of our features.

Take Advantage of Coaching Clinics

Plenty of programs across the country take advantage of coaching clinics. Some of our partners regularly host coaching clinics to help other basketball programs.

Lee Miller of Elite Hoops hosts Nike-based coaching clinics for other youth basketball programs. With the help of LeagueApps features, Lee has grown Elite Hoops into a powerhouse program with over 16 head coaches and located in over 10 cities throughout the southeast. His program is always looking for ways to help other basketball organizers.

And now with our recent upgrades to our software, Lee will be able to do even more.

Create Instructional Digital Media

Instead of attracting already qualified coaches, why not lay the groundwork to develop and nurture coaches? That’s exactly what the Director and Founder of Mo’ Motion, Maureen “Mo” Holohan, is doing. The LeagueApps software is able to automatically handle Mo’s administrative duties, allowing her more time to provide value to her community.

Finding the need for better coaches, Mo set up an instructional video series to help youth coaches. Soon, parents of players were becoming qualified coaches. The success from these videos eventually led to a whole instructional digital media page. Coaches are able to access videos, blogs, books, photos, and even podcasts instantly.

Up Your Video Marketing Game

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. Especially when trying to expand your program’s reach. Team Esface, based out of the San Francisco area, has clearly grasped that concept.

With the payment collection and reporting features provided by LeagueApps, Team Esface saw over 25% growth from the first half of 2015 through the first half of 2016. This allowed for more and better marketing techniques to recruit better coaches to their organization, mainly through the use of improved video.

Their ReaLeague Basketball Introduction, which is also the main video on their homepage, starts with CEO and Founder Oladele Sobomehin explaining the value of their program. The video is then followed by some great shots of players practicing with pump-up music in the background. This is the type of video that will entice any qualified coach to join this quality program.

But Team Esface also has fun. And they want us to know they have fun. Just watch this video of the kids and coaches of their program having fun and showing off their dance moves to “Classic Man.” Who wouldn’t want to be a part of their program after seeing this video?

Get Referrals and Testimonials

Referrals are still one of the easiest ways to generate buzz around your program. Nothing beats word of mouth from respected peers in your industry. And with the entire world seemingly connected to social media, a referral on Twitter or Facebook can reach anyone across the country.

Testimonials are essentially referrals that everyone can see. Our partners use testimonial pages to market their programs and attract qualified coaches.

Elite Hoops has an entire page dedicated to their testimonials found from social media. Our social media features and plug-ins are easy to use and allow for instant communication across channels. Lee Miller has found a unique way to integrate these LeagueApps features within each other to customize the Elite Hoops website.

A referral or testimonial from a coach is the ultimate prize. Elite Hoops hosts several camps throughout the year, open to any coach or player. Drew Maddux, a respected coach from Tennessee, recently gave a great Twitter referral for Elite Hoops. That’s sure to attract other coaches.

Attend Events In Your Community To Create Relationships

One of the best features of working with LeagueApps isn’t even software or technology. It’s the benefit of creating new relationships. These new relationships can open the doors for any basketball program.

Two of our partners and neighbors, Basketball City and the Jr. NBA, coordinate several events throughout the year. The two were able to host constant clinics throughout the off-season that featured NBA players like Tony Allen, Jerian Grant, Langston Galloway, and Kemba Walker. Events like these attracted top player and coaching talent from the area. Our partners from Basketball City were quick to thank the partnership that LeagueApps helped create.


The Difference Maker of Ultimate Goal Women’s Lacrosse Club

Press, Sports Community, Value of LeagueApps

August 2016 Partner SportsDog Award: Ultimate Lacrosse Club

SportsDog Value: Difference Maker

Award Winner: Michele “D.J.” DeJuliis

Previous Winner: Hesperia National Little League Board

The Ultimate Goal Lacrosse Club is based out of Philadelphia and New Jersey and is dedicated to the development of individual and team skills in young female athletes who want to take their game to the next level. Specifically, Ultimate creates and supports teams and clinics ranging from fifth through eleventh grade.

Ultimate was founded in January of 2001 by Michele DeJuliis. “Lacrosse has been a part of my life for the past 25 years. I started in 9th grade and never looked back,” Michelle said.

‘Never looked back’ is an understatement for Michele, who goes by D.J. A short look at D.J.’s lacrosse resume shows that she is, without a doubt, a difference maker in the sport of lacrosse.

D.J. was a four-time All American at Penn State, captain of the USA National Team that won a gold medal, assistant coach at Princeton, a 2013 National Lacrosse Hall of Fame inductee, and the first commissioner of the United Women’s Lacrosse League.

But if you ask D.J., it’s her work with Ultimate Lacrosse that is her passion. “I am so proud that we have provided a stage for all of these players to develop, learn, compete, create life long friendships and have fun.”

One of Ultimate’s goals is to help female athletes continue to develop their game after high school. D.J. has made it a point to make the recruiting process as easy as possible.

“A huge challenge is battling the recruiting process and the timelines that are placed on kids. We do our best to educate players and their families so they don’t get stressed about college selections and being recruited.”

Of the 85,000 high school female lacrosse players nationwide, only 14% continue to compete at the college level. Under D.J.’s leadership, Ultimate Goal Lacrosse was able to help nearly 50 female athletes from the class of 2016 commit to NCAA lacrosse. That’s over 60% of the Ultimate class and well over the national average.

Ultimate has been an official partner of LeagueApps for two years. Their class of 2015 saw 30 high school players commit to college. Already, Ultimate’s class of 2017 has 46 young women committed to NCAA schools. Since joining LeagueApps, Ultimate has been able to commit roughly 54% more high school female lacrosse players to college.

With the sports management platform provided by LeagueApps, D.J. has been able to spend more time helping young athletes develop their game on and off the field. Clearly, this has greatly helped in the recruiting process for her players. D.J. can focus on her passion teaching the importance of communication, leadership, determination, work ethic and sportsmanship.

“One specific example that we do on a consistent basis is provide feedback for every player that comes to our tryouts. I have physically shown, talked through, written and communicated by phone with any player that requests information.”

Regardless of the player’s status with or without the Ultimate Goal Lacrosse Club, D.J. will always answer the phone and give some tips and pointers to young female lacrosse athletes.

“As the owner of Ultimate Lacrosse, Commissioner of the first women’s professional league (UWLX) and a former USA captain- I have committed my adult life to this great game and will continue to work hard to grow it, by growing it in the hands of our next generation. Providing an opportunity to help prepare these young athletes for the next level is just another part of our mission.”

D.J.’s hard work is making a huge difference in lacrosse and women’s athletics. Because of her and the Ultimate Lacrosse Club, more and more young female athletes are able to compete after high school, leading to an increase in participation in women’s sports.

Thank you to D.J. and all the hard-working organizers of Ultimate Goal Lacrosse Club. LeagueApps is proud to be working with such a difference making organization.

Read more about how your club team can benefit from LeagueApps.

It ‘Takes The Village’ For McAllister Park Little League To Reach The Little League World Series

Company News, Dugout, Sports Community, Value of LeagueApps

Today, the All Stars from McAllister Park Little League, official partners of LeagueApps, will take the field in Williamsport, Pennsylvania to pursue a Little League World Series championship. The game will be featured on ESPN at 8PM EST.

We’re excited at LeagueApps for the young kids and the opportunity they each have. We’re also pumped for all the hardworking volunteers that put in time and effort every day with McAllister Park.

Jon “J.P.” Guerra is an assistant coach, volunteer, and dad of McAllister Park. “It really takes the village of everyone here for the whole organization to function,” he said. “From recruiting to funding, even mowing the grass!”

Like most of the board members at McAllister Park, J.P. started as a dad that just wanted to help out the team. It turned into him volunteering his time to allow the whole program to flourish. We sense a lot of that going on at LeagueApps.

Their push to the Little League World Series has attracted a lot of interest from the San Antonio community. Even former players from their previous LLWS teams are helping every way they can.

“It’s been great to see. A bunch of kids from the ’09 and ’12 teams have come back to help out. Some are pitching to the hitters, others are giving fielding instructions,” J.P. said.

It’s not just former players helping the All Stars reach the World Series. Their advance is also in due part to the hard work of their coaches. Volunteers on the board are quick to “mow the grass” and turn off the lights at night. Parents and guardians are instrumental to the kids’ growth. And it takes the technology to streamline an entire league.

J.P. and McAllister Park have found tremendous aid in our schedule generating features as well as the website publishing tools. “I know it’s personally saved me a lot of time.”

Thank you to J.P and all the hard working volunteers from McAllister Park. A few of us from the LeagueApps team will be in attendance. We’ll be cheering hard for our partners this weekend!

You can also donate to their GoFundMe campaign directly here.


Learn How To Navigate Your New Dashboard

Best Practices, Feature Highlight, Product News, Value of LeagueApps


In early August 2016 we introduced our new look to admins. The key themes of the update focus around efficiency, condensing and mobile optimization. Below we’ll walk you through how to get the most out of the new features we released.

New Site Navigation:

We have a new main menu for site navigation that’s mobile optimized and it expands and collapses.

Site Search:

Our updated site search uses auto-complete functionality with quick results and a search results page.

What’s Happening:

See key data of what’s happening in your organization today, what’s upcoming and what’s happened in the recent past.

Top Programs and Full Program Summary:

View a condensed listing of your programs with quick links. Also easily customize and sort your data.

Master Schedule:

Show all of your program’s games and events in one page with the ability to filter, print or export.


Please share with us how you’re liking the new look! Send any questions or feedback to


Also if you missed our live webinar last week walking through the update check out the full recording here:



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